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House of Lords proving good value with new £100k toilets

toilets house of lords

WHAT do you think of the House of Lords and peers in general? Pointless aren’t they? Old gits with hairy noses all going on like they have even they vaguest idea what’s going on in the modern world and costing us money while they’re at it.

Well, two toilets used by peers and VIP guests in the House of Lords are to be refurbished and it’ll be costing around £100,000.

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Man licks all Cathedrals in Britain

THE Ely Weekly News reports on Lawrence Edmonds. He aims to lick all of the UK’s Anglican cathedrals. He’s licked Ely Cathedral. He licks. He says it tastes “sandy and salty”, like a clubber’s foot in Ayia Napa.

He has previously noted that Worcester was “exceedingly gritty and salty”, Durham “disappointingly bland” and Wakefield “foul, sickly sweet”.

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Trespasser Wins Damages For 2am Fall At Carlisle Castle, Lawyers Rejoice

ENGLISH Heritage, owners of Carlisle Castle, paid over £50,000 in legal costs and damages to a woman “trespasser” who was injured as she fell into the moat at 2am.

The woman got an out-of-court compensation settlement of £15,000. English Heritage paid her legal fees of £37,250. Lawyers are part of our fine heritage, readers.

Better to settle straight away, eh, before the sharks move in? English Heritage says of the 2am visitor:

“On doing so, she would have passed signage stating opening hours for visitors to the castle – 1 October to 31 March, 10am to 4pm as well as a notice stating: ‘Please take care as historic sites can be hazardous.”

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