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One More Reason To Miss Boyzone: Eoghan Quigg

REMEMBER that audition for Boyzone when you were frisked at the door for musical talent and rhythm and then invited to try out for the biggest thing to come out of Ireland since Michael Flatley’s cobblers?

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Eoghan Quigg Is And Orville Duck Whittington

Eoghan Quigg?
Who issssss-ah yur veeeeeeery bearrrrrst fri-eeeee-i-end?
You are, Diana Vickers.

No longer. The Star brings the font-page news that ex X Factor screecher Diana has dumped ex X Factor Eoghan “FOR CHRISTMAS”. They are the ex-X Factor exes.

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Eoghan Quigg Has The Madeleine McCann X Factor

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann


It’s sardine munching Tony Parsons. He’s got mourning sickness.

If Eoghan Quigg wins The X Factor tonight, it will be because he tugged the nation’s heartstrings by sobbing like a big softy on last week’s show…Even boyband JLS would be preferable to cry-baby Quigg and his croaking, fist-punching High School Musical routines…

But cry-baby Quigg could nick it after blubbing his heart out when Diana got the boot. Personally, I thought I was going to vomit.

Sod Cowell and Tweedy’s Cry In – who’s for a game of Tabloid Bingo?

I remember when we said goodbye to another Diana, and William and Harry walked behind their mother’s coffin, their hearts breaking but their eyes dry.

Tick. Tick. Tick. (It’s a quick game.)

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X Factor Alexandra Burke Sex Tape, Eoghan Quigg’s Heart And JLS Dog Dies

“BARELY a week goes by on TV’s the X Factor without tearful contestants revealing the tragic stories that inspired them to sing,” writes Caroline Iggulden of Alexandra Burke.

Pop stories like Gareth Gates, Javine Hilton, Alex Parks and many, many more.

“Unlike many of her rivals, bookies’ favourite Alexandra Burke has relied solely on her singing talents to win the votes of viewers – but today we can reveal her hidden heartache.”

The X Factor finale is almost upon us and Alex had best get her sob story in quick. News is that her mum has been ill.

Is that enough? Alex is up against Eoghan Quigg, who has a name that rhymes with Humperdink, was abandoned at birth and raised as a girl by the Loose Women. He feels very deeply about global warming and the plight of the Cuba’s indigenous flora.

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Winehouse Saves Eoghan Quigg

AMY Winehouse watches the X Factor, the contest in which hopefuls see if they can pass a series of challenges and become popstars.

Challenges include:

  • Making a crack pipe from an empty can of Vitamilk
  • Photographer punching
  • Playing the coke spoons
  • Surviving on a family bag size of skittles for three whole weeks
  • Making no reference to Simon Cowell’s height

Amy just loves it. She specifically loves the 16-year-old named Eoghan Quigg.

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