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Hilary Benn Spent Enough For 720,479 Packets of Jammie Dodgers from Waitrose

pickles cookie

THERE’S an interesting little tactic that Labour MPs are trying to use in the House of Commons these days. To ask questions about how much a department is spending on this or that and then when they get the answer they can chunter along about how poor widows are being thrown out of their homes over the bedroom tax so that Tory Ministers can spend £x on whatever it is they just asked about.

You know, Yah! Boo! The Tories and only Labour looks out for the working stiff.

This is a tactic that has just received some blowback as the answer given to the question, well, how much has Eric Pickles been spending on catering (given his size this would add another level of joy to the chuntering) was, well, a whole hell of a lot less than Labouir did when they were in power.

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Eric Pickles’ Biscuits

ERIC Pickles. It’s nominative determinism, no? Pickles. What odds the top Tory would share a name with a mainstay of the chip shop?



The story is that the MP’s Department for Communities and Local Government splurged £40,000 on serving biscuits at meetings.

“The figure was for part of our hospitality budget. When we have meetings, if people come from a long distance we’ll give them tea and biscuits. The rise comes down to one of my fine civil servants putting the wrong thing in the wrong column. It is still a 94 per cent reduction though compared to Labour’s spending in the department. I’m not playing a jammie dodger here. I even bring in my own tea bags to work. I wouldn’t accept anything from another person.”

What about advice, would you accept that?

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Britain is now fattest nation in Western Europe: MPs go for the fat vote

WE win! Britain is now the most prosperous nation on Earth. How can we tell? Because as any fan of Dickens knows, prosperous equates to fat. And we are FAT. The OECD research says we are FATTER than the French, the Italians and even the Germans.

If a world food shortage struck now, Britons would be the last humans on Earth. Our fat reserves would save humanity. Reassuring new for those of us wary of the Belgian threat.

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