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Is Rihanna Is 2011’s Sexiest Woman? You Decide

RIHANNA! You’ve pretty much seen all she has to offer, penetrative sex aside. Those leaked photos of her with no clothes on may have embarrassed her at the time, but since then, she’s blossomed into a fully blown exhibitionist.

Almost to saturation point where, sometimes, you almost wish she’d put some clothes on and stop talking about her various sexual needs.

However, she must be doing something right because she’s been declared the sexiest women of 2011!

Which poll? The poll hosted by Esquire magazine, who wanted to ask its readers the tough questions that were affecting the world right now. And thank God they’ve managed to find out who the sexiest star of the year is.

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Sara Buys Is Our Nominative Determinism Hero Of the Year

YOU might well wonder what kind of person attends the launch of Equire’s monthly magazine at Sketch, an eatery in London? Hungry ones, we’d wager. We expected little. But among the faces of the ubiquitous liggers – Lily Allen (nice teeth), celebrity actress Jaime Winstone, Abbey Clancy (making backs this year’s body part) and Jameela Jamil – there was Prince’s William’s step-brother (fresh out of his wedding doggy bag) and his wife…Sara Buys.

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Christina Hendricks Loses Foot: Still Hot (Pictures)

MAD Mams actress Christina Hendricks has onyl got one foot in Esquire magazine. If she can unscrew the other one, she just get more and more useful. Boxing Helena 2 is in the bag… With her foot.



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How Michael Moore Swallowed Esquire’s Capitalism

78154602MICHAEL Moore has a new film, Capitalism: A Love Story. It’s got a happy ending; or does it die from cancer in a private hospital and the only survivor left to tell the tale is a multi-millionaire?

Jim Geraghty notes (via Andrew Sullivan):

[Will Ferrell] is by some accounts the highest paid star in Hollywood (Forbes said this year he was merely the 20th-highest-paid). On a similar note, I was stunned to learn that you have to pay money to watch Michael Moore’s movie about the evils of capitalism.

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Posted: 24th, September 2009 | In: Money | Comment (1)