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Like an cruise ship moving sideways: the best quotes on the Kent and Essex earthquake

Kent earhquake


Did you people in Kent and Essex feel the earthquake in middle of the night? The epicentre of the quake measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale was just south of Ramsgate.

What was it like?

Graham Young (Times): “It felt a bit like a bomb going off. The whole of the building shook for about seven seconds and the sky filled with seagulls.”

Others wrote to the British Geological Survey:

“…like a train running under the house, shaking everything. Woke me up. So disturbed I make a cup of tea!”

“Woke me from deep sleep and first thought it was thunder as very disorientated. Lasted about a minute I suppose but was a very odd experience! House shook, I’m a bit scared now!”

“Heavy shaking – like a lorry crashing outside the house – couldn’t believe it!”

Stella Hulott (Facebook): “I am in Westgate on Sea. My cats are upset and the husband has slept through it. My heart is still pounding!”

Jake West (Guardian): “At 3am it’s normally quiet.  There was silence, then there was shaking. It was very odd. It felt like there was someone very heavy who was stomping down the stairs.”

Paul and Janette, Worsfold (Telegraph): “My wife and I jumped out of bed at 2 50 as our flat in Deal began to shake quite violently. Indeed it shook enough for the  to crash into the bath and break.”

Keeley Brady, Hullbridge, Essex: “My daughter said she was woken up and her clothes hangers rattling on the door handle.”

Susan Fry: “The vibrations felt like being on cruise ship when it comes onto port sideways.”


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E-Fit Of The Day: Essex Police Seek Man With Unforgettable Hair



E-fit of the day: A 19-year-old man has been arrested after a 56-year-old man suffered “potentially life-changing” injuries when a noxious chemical was thrown over him on Bramble Road in Witham, Essex, on Friday.

Essex Police said the e-fit demonstrated a “strong likeness” to one of the two attackers

Spoter: BBC


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Essex Police On Patrol In Chelmsford Blast Sound of da Police by KRS One

essex police


GOOD to see that Essex Police patrolling the mean streets of Chelmsford, Essex, has downloaded our compilation of the Greatest Songs ABout The Police (not all of them in favour. But was it right for one of the force’s marked police car to blast from its speakers Sound of da Police by KRS One?




An Essex Police spokesman said: “We have viewed the footage and are looking into the matter.”

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Essex Social Workers Dope Mother To Steal Her Baby


IS anywhere safe from suspicious glares of social workers? No. In Essex, a woman has had her baby removed form her womb. Essex social service thought it a good idea to take the child from her mother’s womb by caesarean section

The baby snatchers went in armed with a High Court order. The mother, an Italian in the UK for a training course at Ryanair in Standsted, had suffered a mental breakdown brought on, her relatives believe, by her failure to take medication for her bi-polar condition. The panicking woman had called the police from her hotel room. They arrived when she was speaking to her mother. The older woman told police about her daughter’s condition.

They would ltake her to a hospital. But they took her to a psychiatric ward.

For five weeks she was imprisoned on a secure ward, sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

The social workers never told her they were going to take her baby. Meanwhile, the law said she could be forcibly sedated. She was. They strapped her down, The baby was cut out of her. For her own good. For her health and peace of mind.

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Essex Council paints dog poo orange – cast of TOWIE envious

IS everything painted orange in Essex?

Council officers will patrol areas where dog fouling is a particular problem and spray-paint any poo they see orange – and leave it like that for two weeks. It is hoped the bizarre project will shock dog owners into changing their bad habits and clean up after their pets.

Or smear it all over their skin and look like an extra from TOWIE. Why not sprinkle a pot of  warovski crystals in the poo and call it a beauty parlour…


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Major grass problem in Essex

GRASS is big news in Essex. The Billericay Gazette reports:

Overgrown trees in Billericay, Essex are being blamed for attracting “hooligans” who damage property and defecate on cars…

Steve Radford, 55, is fed up with the situation. His house backs on to the problem street, which is overrun with out-of-control saplings and unruly sycamores…

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Wild deer runs through the streets of Chelmsford to signal end of world

BADGERS are collapsing roads, tiny horses are using public transport, cows are harder than you and catfish are killing land mammals. Slowly but surely, animals are showing humans that they’re coming for them and that mankind’s time is nearing an end.

We’ve been warning you all for ages, yet no-one is taking us at all seriously.

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Essex police hunting loose lion, presumed stuffed

BIG cat hunting with the Essex Police. They’re investigating a lion sighting near St Osyth.

Denise and Bob Martin reported the sighting to the police. They tell the BBC:

“To start with, we were convinced it was a lion… it’s the size of a lion.”

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Essex Boy Juggles With Live Bombs

AS the youth riot in London, Ben Stannard, 13, tosses the World War Two bombs in the air over Margaretting, Essex, and starts to juggle.

Ben, a Hylands School pupil, tells the Essex Chronicle:

“I was waiting for my mum to pick me up and they caught my eye. I thought they were strange, but just bits of concrete, so I started to throw them up and down. Then I noticed the serial number on one of them. When my granddad died he left me a shell casing and it had similar numbers, so I grew concerned, put them down gently and told my mum when she arrived.”

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Essex Mobility Scooter And Rider Survive 100mph Crash With Train

CAN a mobility scooter be destroyed by a speeding train?


One  man survived being hit by a train travelling at 100mph after his mobility scooter got stuck on a level crossing in Church Street, Kelvedon, Essex.

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Crime Pays: Thief Wins £13000 Because Victim Lost Faith In Justice System

MARK Gilbert has won £13,000 damages from his former boss Simon Cremer. He sued for “humiliation” for being made to wear a sign saying “THIEF – I stole £845 am on my way to the police station” about his neck and forcibly walked to a police station.

Would you have agreed to wear such a sign? Gilbert’s hands were bound. He says he was beaten. Mr Cremer denies using violence.

Gilbert’s crime was to have written out a company cheque to himself and taken it to a Cash Converters in Essex. Gilbert got a caution. Cremer was charged with false imprisonment, but the case collapsed in December 2008.

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Essex Man Spells Out Attackers Name In Own Blood

PAUL Harvey wrote the name of his attacked in his own blood. In front of police at his home in Colchester, Essex, he managed to finger Spencer Wragg. The villain is now in jail.

He tells the NoTW:

“Blood was pouring from my face on to the floor. I stretched out my finger, dipped it in and wrote SPEN across the tiles.

“Then I ran out of blood, so I dipped my finger in again and wrote CER. They caught him that night.”

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Essex Council Bans Ornaments From Cemeteries

THE council cemetery in Colchester, Essex, will no longer look so colourful  should the council get their way and the “ornaments” are removed.

Says councillor Martin Hunt:

“…the removal of ornaments from open spaces, in particular trees, is necessary to allow funeral services to be conducted with the dignity they deserve and allow all mourners to grieve in peace.”

To recap: No bagpipes

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Jade Goody To Open Restaurant

WHAT will Jack Tweed do now Jade Goody has gone? There’s the golf. The football. The fairground – can you become a professional fairground rider? And there’s prison.

But the Daily Mirror has another idea:

“Jack Tweed wants to open a restaurant in honour of Jade Goody.”

Grieving Jack Tweed wants to open a high-class restaurant and name it in Jade Goody’s honour.

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