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Typo of the day: You’re Local Professionals in Dublin

FLYER of the day is presented via a letter box by Dublin property agents Lappin Estates:

dublin esate agents




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An estate agency writes….

ESTATE agency of the week:

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Northallerton Estate Agent Highlights Local Pond Life

IAN Bebbington, of  Estate Agents Ltd, say the property at Prospect View, Northallerton, is surrounded by “pond life” and “smelly” things.

“Things you may not need if you live at this house: Concrete. An allotment. Workout DVDs. Exercise bikes. Last minute trips to the petrol station for flowers. Packaging. A carbon footprint. A grocery bill.”

Go on:

“Plus you will enjoy doing new things: Being scruffy. Taking in new smells; manure, compost … smoking out your neighbours, wielding garden tools. Bonding with a good shed. Being boiled in your greenhouse. Gazing at pond life.”

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Liverpool Teaches Rest Of UK How To Dodge Paying Rent

TO Liverpool, where signs advertising “rent dodger lives here” are going up outside homes.

Neil Heffey, of estate agent Sutton Estates, based in Anfield, tells the Liverpool Daily Post:

“They can avoid us, but not their neighbours. Now, every time they walk in and out of their door, the neighbours will be laughing at them.”

Has Mr Heffey not read the tabloid press? This is Liverpool, and the neighbours will indeed be laughing as they pop over the road and while perusing catalogues for shell suits and eating baked bean sarnies bone up on rent dodging.

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Rebranding Estate Agents As Property Artists

ESTATE agents are the vertitable scum of the earth. But no more.

Now they are property artists working in property studios.

What odds this year’s Turner Prize being won by a compoact and bijou artist’s pink shirt and mathing socks?

Spotter: Clive Davis

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