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The knitted goat balaclava is finally here



Calling all Satanists with complexes, Jimmy Savile look-alikes and everyone tired of wearing small, chaffing skull masks: we give you the Goat Balaclava.

Well, not give exactly. The goat balaclava retails at £66.39.

Made from reassuringly demonic acrylic, the Goat Balaclava is versalite, as this model demonstrates:



il_570xN.276436424 il_570xN.276436324



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The 20 worst and most worrying dolls for sale on Etsy

THE blurb for each item sold on the online Etsy bazaar asks at the end: “Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.” After compiling this list of the creepiest, most wrong, oddest, weirdest  and worrying dolls for sale of Etsy, we’re a little unsure where to begin. Perhaps, the questions should be,  ‘Did your mother love you?; ‘Did your mother love you too much’; ‘Are you allaoewed near sharp objects?’ and ‘That you, Linus Van Pelt?’

scary doll


spock doll

scary doll


scary doll



monkey doll

lady gaga


indian doll







dolls 1


childbirth doll

scary doll

broken doll

beyonce doll

bette davis doll

barbie and tarzan


scary doll etsy 1 scary doll etsy



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Terrible tributes: The R Kelly Apron

THIS fathers day get the dad who does an R. Kelly apron, available via Etsy for $25. (The “I Believe I Can Fry” singer will not urinate on any flambe.)

If you see any terrible tributes, please let us know.

r kelly apron

Spotter:The World’s Best Ever


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RIP Regretsy: Some of the maddest, baddest items sold on etsy

SAD to say that Regretsy, the site that documented the “objects d’fart” for sale on craft site easy? Etsy sells handcrafted and vintage things. Well, so it says. Much of the stuff is good. A lot of it is haunting. And it still sells:


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