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A One Man Band Plays Europe’s The Final Countdown

the final countdown


TO Uppsala, Sweden, where former Europe’s lead singer Joey Tempest, aka Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson, is performing a one-man version of his group’s classic, back-combed tribute to space travel, The Final Countdown.



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How Europe’s Green Policies Create Jobs In The Far East

HOW Green is Euope? How eco-friendly is The Zone. Not very:

While Europe may pride itself on emitting less carbon from its own territory than it did in 1990, from a consumption point of view the carbon embodied in imports from China alone all but cancels out the gain. In general the study finds that net embodied carbon imports into developed countries grew from 400m tonnes in 1990 to 1.6 billion tonnes in 2008—a growth rate faster than that of the world economy or global carbon emissions.

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The New York Sun Sets

CLIVE Davis says so long to the New York Sun:

The New York Sun, conservative rival to the Old Gray Lady, is closing down after six years of trying to beat the odds. Urging Dick Cheney to run for president was little short of unhinged, and the coverage of Europe often had a whiff of Islamophobia about it,  but the paper did publish some quality pieces too.

A newspaper dies, and in small room in London a web publisher smiles…

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