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Stuffed Boyfriend Bears: A chastity teddy ‘for girls who wait’

When your creepy boyfriend celebrates St Valentine’s Day by handing you a balloon holding a teddy, check the lable. Does he like women to be into children’s things. Or is that a Purity Bear?


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Boyfriend Bears are “for girls who wait”. No, these evangelical Christians are not waiting for The Rapture. Well, not only that. They waiting for sex.

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Does Herefordshire Council support anti-gay evangelists in Uganda?

IT’S dangerous to be gay in Uganda, where homosexuality is illegal. The country’s anti-homosexuality bill goes further. It will mean life imprisonment and death for gays.

In 2011, BBC 3 invited us to watch The World’s Worst Place to Be Gay?. The show featured DJ Scott Mills interrupting a travelogue to show us that gays in Uganda are marginalised and persecuted. Homosexuality is likened to witchcraft. Feelings are antagonised by US evangelicals and Western donors, like Scott Lively.

In June 2012, Uganda banned 38 NGOs for promoting homosexuality:

Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo told Reuters the organisations being targeted were receiving support from abroad for Uganda’s homosexuals and accused gays and lesbians of “recruiting” young children in the country into homosexuality. The NGOs are channels through which monies are channelled to (homosexuals) to recruit,” the minister, a former Catholic priest, said.

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