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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Is Spiteful, Pathetic And Prejudiced

MOLLY  Norris has decreed that May 20th 2010 is Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. It’s a response to the South Park episode that put Mohammed in a bear suit – you can read about it here – and got a few shadowy Muslims upset.

We love freedom of speech – so long as it, er, doesn’t offend anyone. But if you say someone has, say, bad hair, they just need to know. It’s not offensive – it’s just imparting valuable information. It’s helping. It’s British.

The likes of Glenn Reynolds,, Dan Savage and Reason magazine back the plan. But they are wrong to, unless their aim is to offend.

The notion of creating a special day to cause deliberate offence to all Muslims is abhorrent. If you want to satirise the extremists, do so. Go for, the mealy-mouthed group that warned of terrible consequences should the episode go aired uncensored.

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Posted: 27th, April 2010 | In: Reviews | Comments (33)