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Jon Venables: Vomiting Satan, Evil, Nurture And An ‘Unpleasant’ Thing

JAMES Bulger: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the case of one of James Bulger’s killers Jon Venables in the news. Venables has been in the news ever since the Government issued a press release that he had been arrested and put back in jail.

Daily Mail: “BULGER KILLERS: Freeing them was wrong, says juror”

The Mail shares a few words with Alan Barry, the jury foreman in the James Bulger trial.

Mr Barry, 71, who runs a Christian charity shop, said: “I can still see the photographs of the injuries we had to look at, which were horrendous. It is still so vivid. I am surprised that it was Venables who has reoffended as he was the quieter of the two in the trial — crying into his hankie and looking nervous.”

Juror turns judge:

“The pair should have been sentenced to a lot longer in prison. I, and some of the other jurors, were surprised at what they got. Although they were only ten-year-olds at the time, I believe they knew what they were doing. A sentence like that was ludicrous. And when they were released, they should have been monitored more closely.”

How closely?

James Bulger Case in pictures

But Thompson and Venables should never have gone to jail at all.

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