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Manchester City: Fabian Delph gets loyalty lessons from Raheem Sterling

So. Fabian Delph said he wouldn’t leave Aston Villa for Manchester City – and then he did. Money; the craven and all-too common mantra “I want to win things” (why not win things with your existing club?); and, well, the money all played parts in Delph’s about turn.

But what about the Daily Mirror, which heralded Delph as the antidote to greed:


fabian delph bottler kidd


On July 13 David Kidd’s column was headlined:

Raheem Sterling has backed himself to shine at a top club, Fabian Delph’s bottled out.



Screen shot 2015-07-20 at 19.33.39


On July 17, Kidd’s column was headlined:

Fabian Delph U-turn is further proof that loyalty is dead in the Premier League.


He can’t win in the Mirror but at least Delph now has a better chance of winning  on a football pitch.

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