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Ronnie Wood: ‘An Annoying Drunk’

ALCOHOLICS are hilarious aren’t they? Think of the laughs they have when their skin goes yellow and all their organs fail! Oh what pant-wetting japery! Speaking of which, Ronnie Wood – Faces alumni and Rolling Stone – has decided to talk about how drunk he gets.

It’s acceptable to be an old soak in the music industry isn’t it? That’s because it’s ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ and not the action of someone desperately unhappy, bloated or bored.

The 64-year-old (in fairness to Ron, he looks much, much older) rocker has tussled with a drink problem for decades, which is probably why he looks like all four faces on Mount Rushmore. He’s been to rehab several times, but always returned to being a pathetic ale-can.

He entered a clinic for the eighth time last year following a violent altercation with his then-lover Ekaterina Ivanova who was younger and much more attractive than him. And now, he knows that he needs to knock the booze on the head. Presumably because he’ll not be able to waft his credit card around and snare a fit young woman.

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Great Faces Pulled At The 2011 World Table Tennis Championships

TO the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships, where the usual and unusual faces are in evidence:

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Franklin Hannatt Introduces The World’s Best Pulled Faces (Photos)

IN Photos, the agonists vying to be the world’s best puller of faces arrive at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in Atlantic City. The winner is 37-year-old Franklin Hannatt from New Jersey.

He gets $300, a permanent place at Ripley’s Atlantic City Odditorium and to be a Human Muppet.

Here’s our winner.

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Spotter: Newslite and Anorakren

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The Greatest Face Modifications Ever

ANORAK presents a collection of modified faces. Can humanity do better than God, intelligent design or the professionals who work out of Messers Nip ‘n’ Tuck’s Hollywood studios? Face number 10 is patriotic. Number 3 might yet undo the Taliban’s work. And Number 9 is walking snooker table…

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Soldier Ant: Ant And Dec Fight In Afghanistan

DECLAN Donnelly and Ant McPartlin are in Afghanistan.

While the enemy has boy soldiers, we have soldiers who look like toddlers. The Mirror leads with news that both are under attack.

The tots are in the war zone on the pretext of presenting our squaddies with Daily Mirror Pride of Britain awards, plastic medallions featuring the faces of EastEnders Mitchell brothers and the legend: “REAL NEWS… REAL ENTERTAINMENT, 40p.”

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