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Signs That Knock-off Major Brands Hang in a Fake Shopping District in China



AT the foot of the Shimao Skyscrapers in China’s Wuxi City, a fake shopping district has popped up featuring storefronts marked with signs that knock-off major international brands like Starbucks (now “SFFCCCKS”), H&M (now “H&N”), and Apple (now “Appla”).

Hug China reports that there are no actual stores behind the signs, that local real estate professionals have created these phony, but familiar, brands to make the property more appealing to potential buyers.

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Posted: 14th, January 2014 | In: Reviews, The Consumer | Comment

Romanian TV reporter caught faking sandstorm (video)

It’s blowing something fierce on Romania’s Black Sea coast. A sandstorm has been whipping up by the high winds. The reporter for Realitatea TV tells his viewers:

“The wind blows with incredible power, there are moments when it is impossible to stand up here. The wind blows the sand at over 60 km per hour. The wind blew away the beach umbrellas and the tourists had to leave in a hurry.”

Get the hell out of there, man. Save yourself. And take the assistant kicking the sand up to illustrate your story with you, too..


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Taylor Lautner is massively not gay

GAYS! Sadly for you, it appears that Taylor Lautner is not down with the Wang Clan, despite the “out and proud” cover of People magazine which circulated around various social networking sites over Christmas.

You see, sadly for those of us who like more gays in the world (or at least the whispered mutterings that accompany such news), the cover has been outed itself as a raging fake.

The cover itself said: “Out and Proud: Tired of rumors, the Twilight star opened up about his decision to finally come out.” You can see it here for yourself.

People magazine had to come along and spoil the fun by setting the record straight, saying it’s “100 percent fake.” People spokeswoman Julie Farin told Reuters, “This began as a ridiculous Twitter joke that went viral.” Even Lautner, star of the Twilight films, himself spoke about it, tweeting: “So false!!! Don’t believe everything. Rumours = Lies.”

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Posted: 28th, December 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment