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8-Year-Old Christopher Bizilj Kills Himself With Uzi At Gun Show, Family Blame Teenaged Supervisor

bizilj-uziCHRISTOPHER  Bizilj, age 8, shoots himself at a gun show. His family blames the teen for giving him the Uzi

READY for an only in America story? Well, ok, not only in America. Also in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and more remote parts of Lily Allen:

The family of an 8-year-old boy who fatally shot himself at a gun show in western Massachusetts say the Uzi submachine gun jammed twice before he lost control of the weapon and fired into his head.

If only those Uzi sub-machine guns came with health and safety warnings:

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Posted: 11th, November 2009 | In: Strange But True | Comment (1)