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New Look charges the fat more for their clothes

This is being trailed as something of a scandal but it’s actually just great, the way the system should work. Some people should be charged more:

High street retailer New Look has been criticised by shoppers for allegedly imposing a “fat tax” across its plus-sized range.

What’s the standard complaint from fatty lardbuckets the average sized British woman?

Here, she found that the Green Stripe Tres Jolie Slogan T-Shirt was being sold for £9.99 in the standard range and £12.99 in the Curves range – a 30 per cent difference in cost.

So, what’s happening here then?

Firstly, realise that no one does price things by adding up their costs then trying to sell them at that plus a profit. So, arguments that larger sizes require more cloth don’t work. Instead, what everyone does is look at absolutely the maximum they think they can get away with charging. Then they charge that.

Hey, that’s capitalism, every producer of absolutely everything really is out to screw you. It’s markets which temper this. So, someone realises that there’s loads of fatty lardbuckets average sized British women out there looking for clothing more attractive than a Soviet potato sack circa 1955. They go make and sell them and make a fortune doing so. They really do set out to screw those fatty lardbuckets average sized British women. And they do screw them – unlike anyone else to hear the complaining.

Then other manufacturers spot those profits and copy what they’re doing. Prices fall, the range available expands, everyone – other than the original manufacturer – is happy. That’s just how the system works. It’s also how it’s supposed to work, it’s all in Adam Smith.

If New Look can get away with charging higher prices to fatty lardbuckets average sized British women then this tells us that there aren’t enough plus sized ranges out there with decent looking clothing. And the fact that New Look can charge higher prices is what will create the competition and cure the problem.

No, really, markets do in fact work. Which is why we’re not all in Soviet potato sacks, you know, the place which abolished markets and the price system?

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Public Health England wants a return to rationing

This photo shows customers lining up for sugar at an unknown location during rationing in 1943.


England is making moves to control your insides. The Indy has news for people who like food and freedom. The Government wants to monitor your shopping bags:

Public Health England (PHE) is demanding a “calorie-cap” on supermarket ready meals and fast food dishes.

Can that be enforced? Public Health England says it works so that “the healthier choice becomes the default choice”. PHE wants to order chefs to change ingredients, reduce sugar, fat and salt from dinners; or bring back rationing, albeit only for the well-fed and ‘too fat’. We’ve never had it so good, so let’s have less of it.

The suggested ruling, which may come into effect in March, would limit breakfasts to 400 calories and lunches and dinners to 600 each.

May or may not. The paper fails to say under what powers PHE can make such a ruling.

Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at PHE, tells The Times. “This is all about things like pizzas and readymade sandwiches. We will need to set out guidelines and, I suspect, a series of calorie caps.”

So the Indy was wrong. There will be no rules. The Indy doesn’t bother to check its story, preferring to hype the news it read in another paper. Compare and contrast the Indy’s and the Times’s opening lines:

The traditional January detox when Britons stop drinking and start dieting could last all year under new government health guidelines. – Times

The ubiquity of new year diets and detoxes could extend beyond January and last all year – Indy

It’s worth looking at what PHE does. This from the ‘About’ section on its website:

We are responsible for:

making the public healthier and reducing differences between the health of different groups by promoting healthier lifestyles, advising government and supporting action by local government, the NHS and the public

We are an executive agency of the Department of Health, and a distinct organisation with operational autonomy to advise and support government, local authorities and the NHS in a professionally independent manner.

PHE can’t make rules. Buy it can try to justify it existence with a spot of PR that, as ever, tells us how to behave.

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New study links fast food to fat

Can it proven that fast food makes you fat? Researchers at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) examined 1,500 state primary school pupils aged four to 11, looking at their postal addresses and weight. Turns out that the kids living closer to fast food outlets – within around half a mile – were more likely than their peers to gain weight during the primary school years.

This is, of course, all about protecting children from being fat – a physical state that once marked you as jolly but now casts you as a mentally negligible victim.

So can it proven that fast food makes you fat and is a danger to children’s health? Or is this more about correlation than causation? Poorer people eat the most fast food. Relocate the eateries, or make them sell just salads and watch the fatties slim down. Or better yet, turn the fried chicken shacks into gyms and therapy suites.

And what of the business angle? If you’re going to open a fast food franchise or fish and chip restaurant, you’ll do best locating where poorer people live and the rents are cheaper. Unsurprisingly, the study noted a higher density of fast food outlets – i.e. cheap food – in poorer areas.

In July, Cambridge University’s Centre for Diet and Activity Research counted 56,638 takeaways in England. And it too noted that fast food shops are more prevalent in England’s poorest areas.

NHS employee Matthew Pearce, who led the research, tells media: “We know from national data that the number of children classified as obese doubles between the first and last year of primary school. Understanding the reasons for this is important to protect the future health of children. Obesity is driven by many complex factors. Our study adds to existing evidence that the neighbourhood environment plays an important role in the development of obesity.”

“While ultimately it is down to individuals on how they choose to live, it is widely accepted that we live in environments that make managing our weight increasingly difficult,” Pearce adds. “We therefore need national and local policymakers to take decisions that support more favourable conditions that enable people to eat healthier and become more physically active.”

So what’s the plan, then? Put simply: tell the idiots how to live. Much harder to implement is the other plan: let’s get richer.

Spotter:  Journal of Public Health.


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Health shocker: water contains less calories than beer

water beer


Health News sensation. The Press Association has news: “Swapping a daily beer for a glass of water cuts the risk of obesity by a fifth and aids weight loss, research suggests.”

Yep. It’s true. Consuming less calories can stop you becoming fat. Who knew? The newswire story then gets topped and tiled to become a scoop.

“Switching daily beer for water cuts risk of obesity, study finds,” says The Guardian:

Replacing a beer with a glass of water every day could cut people’s chances of becoming obese by 20% on average, according to a study. Researchers from the University of Navarra in Spain found that the same holds true for sugary soft drinks – having a water each day instead cut the risk of obesity among more than 16,000 participants in the study by 15%.

The Telegraph: “Experts at the world’s largest obesity conference said the simple change is an easy way of beating the bulge.”

We’re also told: “Experts suggested that the fact beer is so calorific may be to blame.”

In tomorrow’s shocking news: Katie Price sleeps on her back!

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Inequality makes you fat and food is therapy

Why are you fat? Why are you not fat? Polly Tonybee knows. She writes in the Guardian:

The Tories must tackle the real cause of obesity: inequality

When fat meant prosperous and jolly and thin meant poor and mean, it was about inequality. Now that fat means you’re poor and thin means you’re on message, it’s all about inequality. The only thing that fits for all is that the rich and knowing want to school you.

Polly want to ban advertising of certain foods to youngsters watching telly.

Obesity is no one’s choice, as everyone wants to be thin: young children now worry about body image, and rates of anorexia – obesity’s evil twin – are rising.

The simple fact is that we eat more calories than we can burn off. When the poor had no cars and central heating, they walked and worked in manual jobs. They were thin. The rich with their hearths, carriages and desk jobs were fat.

To be obese signifies being poor and out of control, because people who feel they have no control over their own lives give up…

It signifies the post-war miracle of plentiful food for all.

It is inequality and disrespect that make people fat…

…the social facts suggest Britain would get thinner if everyone had enough of life’s opportunities to be worth staying thin for. Offer self-esteem, respect, good jobs, decent homes and some social status and the pounds would start to fall away.

This abstraction that being thin means you have more to live for and have higher self-esteem is bizarre, as is the news that being fat means you have psychological issues. Food isn’t eaten because you’re greedy, don’t walk enough, don’t do physical labour and it’s cheap. Food is State-sanctioned therapy. And you’re the victim.


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Don’t ban sugar just force the fat to run to the shops

fat ban sugar taxOi, fatso! David Aaronovitch has a plan to win the “obesity war”. He writes in the Times:

It’s not enough to fiddle about with food labelling and a distant sugar tax. Bans may be draconian, but they’re essential

Bans are for censors. No ‘may’ about it. They are draconian. They are not essential.

He adds:

Of course, we could try to attach the same opprobrium to being fat as to being a smoker.

Second-hand fat? We are getting fatter, yes. We are getting fatter because we do less. We have more down time. More of us live in small flats – stairs burn calories (just ask the aged who downsize). We have central heating. We have telly. Is there shame in being a smoker? No. although people who light up electronic cigarettes, especially the ones with the glowing end, do look like twats.

And what of the facts? Chris Snowdon notes:

All the evidence indicates that per capita consumption of sugar, salt, fat and calories has been falling in Britain for decades. Per capita sugar consumption has fallen by 16 per cent since 1992 and per capita calorie consumption has fallen by 21 per cent since 1974.

And Tim Worstall has an interesting aside:

One more little factoid on this: the current average UK diet has fewer calories than the minimum acceptable diet under WWII rationing. Quite seriously: we are gaining weight on fewer calories than our grandparents lost weight on.

Back then you could be fat and jolly. Now you must be fat and unhappy. The bitter and thin want revenge.

Aaronovitch adds:

Ban fast-food outlets from stations and airports. Ban the sale of confectionery and sugary drinks to the under-16s. Ban the sale of over-sugared products in supermarkets (as measured by a ratio of sugar to other nutrients). Ban the bringing into schools of unhealthy foods. Ban the presence in offices (like our own here at The Times) of vending machines that seem to sell mainly crisps and chocolate. Specify a weight-to-height ratio limit on air passengers wishing to avoid a surcharge.

In short: bash the poor.

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University of London study shock: fat kids eat more than thin kids

fat newsAmazing facts in the Hindustan Times:

According to a new study in the UK, overweight infants consume larger meals but they do not eat more often than healthy toddlers. Hayley Syrad from University of London in the UK and colleagues used parent-reported intake for 2,564 children aged 4-18 months to study meal size and meal frequency in relation to weight.

The BBC has more news from the “experts”:

The report found overweight children were consuming larger meals than their counterparts (141 calories versus 130 calories). Report author Hayley Syrad, from University College, London, said: “The research suggests eating frequency is having no impact on weight and it’s not that parents of larger children are giving them an extra Mars bar or apple – it’s that their portions are bigger.”

Yes, it is true! Fat people eat more than skinny people. Who knew?

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‘Shocking THIGH GAP jewellery’ gives women dicks

The Mail says Soo Kyung Bae has created “shocking THIGH GAP jewellery to highlight women’s ‘unhealthy obsession’ with super-skinny legs”.

Er, no, Daily Mail. Hanging a long pendant between a woman’s legs make her and you look a like a dick.





Looking like a dick is what happens when you get your news from the Metro. The jewellery is not real. It’s just a campaign to get people talking about ‘thigh gap’ and how bad it is to crave a different body not suited to your build. In other news, you can read in the Mail:

  • The thigh-gap workout
  • Leggy Lawrence! Jennifer showcases her lithe pins

And on it goes.

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James Cracknell joins Jamie Oliver’s anti-sugar eugenicists

James cRacknell sugar taxJamie Oliver has a sidekick in his war on cheap food and the poor. The Guardian reports:

Double Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell has joined calls for sugary drinks to be taxed as part of a series of measures to combat rising levels of obesity.

He reasons:

“There will be inevitable opposition to what will be labelled as ‘nannying’, but the same was true of the reaction to legislation on seat belts and drink-driving.”

You don’t need to drive. Driving is a luxury controlled by rules of the road. You are given a licence to drive by the State, James. You do not – well, not yet – need an official licence to drink and eat. Unless James thinks sugary drinks impair driving skills – although the opposite may be true.

And lest you still think James has a sound point, the story continues:

Double gold medallist warns of national crisis in Policy Exchange report that also calls for annual BMI checks for children

More akin to eugenics than mere nannying.


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Huge feckless woman ‘addicted to Red Bull’ wants gastric band op before she goes blind

Are you addicted to Red Bull, the drink that, as the advert says, ‘Gives You Wings? “Huge Lena Lupari“, 26, “guzzles 28 cans of the energy drink a day”.

Huge Lena says:

“I’m hooked on Red Bull, it’s like a Class A drug. But recently I started getting migraines and then black spots in my vision. My gran had the same symptoms and within two years she was dead. I’m trying to cut down but I’ve tried before and I always relapse. I can’t let it go.”

Did gran scarf loads Red Bull?

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450 kg man moved to new nursing home by crane and flatbed truck (video)

A man weighing more than 1,000 lbs (450 kg, 71.5 stones) was placed inside a cargo container, then lifted by a crane, before being loaded onto a flatbed truck and taken from Providence in Rhode Island to his new home in Cranston last Sunday .

Brian Butler need to move when notice was served on his Providence, Rhode Island, nursing home. Problem is that Mr Butler tips the scales at 1,000 lbs (450 kg, 71.5 stones). Moving isn’t easy. So. He was placed inside a cargo container, lifted by a crane and loaded onto a flatbed truck. He was then driven to his new home.

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Daily Express scare story: fat is good, better and butter for you

The Daily Express has news that “FAT IS KEY TO LIVING LONGER”:


daily express fat



The Express often leads with news about longevity:


daily express life



So. Today’s news is that fat will make you live longer. And  all “previous diet advice is wrong”:






It’s new news. Or at least it would be if the Express hadn’t reported much the same thing before:


Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 11.56.11


Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 11.56.03


Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 11.55.43


Such are the facts…

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Daily Express Fat Watch: FREE Cadbury’s Twirl for all future Weight Watchers sweaters

The Sunday Express has a great reader offer: get a FREE bar of sugar and fat to go with your branded Weight Watchers recipe card.


Sunday Express fat

See ingredients for recipe details


WARNING: More than two twirls is not a dancing aerobic workout. But it might make you a Weight Watchers cusomer.



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The fat-abusing Sun says the fat suffer ‘nightmare abuse’

In “SUN GIRL’S DAY FROM  HELL”, Amy Jones (size 8) pulls on a fat suit and heads off to: the gym (“A child points and laughs”); the bus stop (“A gaggle of kids point and giggle”); lunch (“customers stare as I order the  Steakhouse Meal”); the pub (“no one rushes to serve me”); a saucy lingerie shop (the cut-away playsuit is not in her size); and the Tube (I’m me with accusatory stares”).





Good job fat tourist Amy can pull off her ridiculous rubbery get-up (Why do they stare? Why?) and put an end to the “abuse”. At her Sun desk, Amy says “40 percent of Brits are the target to personal insults at least once a week”. She learns that “criticism is unhelpful when it comes to losing weight”.




Amy Jones may care to flick through back copies of the Sun and learn that a fat suit is one thing but get fat and – look out! –  her collegues will be on her:

There is Fat Wayne Rooney, who is mocked-up and mocked by the Sun:




And a few more examples of “nightmare abuse”:

the sun fat 2

the sun 1





Images via: Bloggerheads and Bizarrescience

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Being Stavros: jibes and snides when a 30 stone man enters Mr Gay UK

Mr Gay UK


Organisors of Mr Gay UK turn on a man for being not the ideal weight. Stavros Louca was robbed:

When Stavros decides to enter the Mr Gay UK beauty pageant nothing goes quite to plan. This is the story of one man’s unbreakable spirit – a tale of triumph, heartbreak and how to wear your underpants.


Being Stavros from jonothan mcleod on Vimeo.

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The Fat And Rich Diet; The Fat And Poor Take Pills

PA-391956 (2)

THE fat and rich exercise; the fat and poor take pills:

 …a new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine,researchers from Concordia University looked at the incomes and health habits of more than 3,000 children and teens between the ages of 8 and 19 and more than 5,000 adults over the age of 20.

At least two-thirds of the study subjects reported attempting to reduce food intake or exercising in order to lose weight in the past year. Despite these efforts, the adults in the study gained an average of three pounds, while the youths gained about 12 pounds. The people in the lower income brackets gained about two pounds more than those in the highest one.

One reason for the disparity might have to do with the tactics they used to try to shed pounds: Compared to adults making $75,000 or more, those making less than $20,000 were 50 percent less likely to exercise, 42 percent less likely to drink a lot of water, and 25 percent less likely to eat less fat and sweets. And adults making between $20,000 and $75,000 were about 50 percent more likely to use over-the-counter diet pills, which aren’t proven to work.

Read it all here...

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Fat Men Last Longest In Bed And Almost Finish Last

Sex Toys

Sex Toys


BIG bellied men make the ebst lovers. Of course they do. Who wants to schtup a lump of gristle?

FAT sex experts atErciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey, tudeied 200 men. They wanted to link body mass index (BMI) and sexual performance.

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Big Fat Targets: Christina Briggs Lives On A Diet Of Rotten Tomatoes



CHRISTINA Briggs, 26, is fat. And flame-haired. She’s on benefits, too. Give her pair of NHS-supplied false breasts and a ciggie and Briggs would be the nation’s Aunt Sally with her own show on Channel 4. If she’s lucky, she could forge a career as Channel 5’s authentic face of the white working classes, like White Dee did with her stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Star leads with Briggs, the “25-stone SPONGER”.

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Feast And Famine: Marilyn Monroe Was Not Some Porky Lardbucket, She Was Tiny

monroe skinny


HALF the time we’re told that the entire country is becoming obese, waddling around with dripping rolls of fat hanging from our frames, the other half the time we’re being screamed at for our unhealthy obsession with being thin. And in that latter conversation we’re also always being told that being thin is very unusual and women of the past were never like that. I mean, look at Marilyn Monroe! Hips and tits on ‘er and she was even an actress!

Today it’s Hannah Betts in the Torygraph whining about it:

Chillingly, a US size 000 measures up to a UK size 0, five sizes smaller than a UK size 10, itself on the smallish side in a culture in which the average British woman is a size 16, and the public’s ideal physique a size 12 (according to YouGov). A US size zero measures 25 inches around the waist; a triple zero, a meagre 23 inches.

It can be difficult to visualise the bodies behind such unvital statistics. My eight-year-old nephew, so lean that he can fit into his baby pyjamas, has a waist of 23.5 inches; his lithe nine-year-old sister, measures 24 inches. The girths of these adult women are smaller, despite their being significantly taller, in a way that seems hardly possible. The average triple zero poster girl stands at 5ft 7in. To be so narrow-framed at this scale is to be emaciated.

A petite therapist friend puts matters into perspective. “I am the smallest person in the world and my childlike waist is about 28 inches,” she says. “I have bought UK size 6 clothes from Topshop’s petite range, which is horrifyingly too small, making me wonder if they require ribs to be removed, or whether it is actual children who wear them. I am truly shocked.”

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Obesity, Booze And Fags Don’t Cost The NHS Money: They Save It



IT’S rather sad to see the people who actually run the NHS being so confused about the realities of that very NHS. The latest being this idea that all of us becoming fat lardbuckets will mean that the NHS runs out of money. So, therefore, we’ve all got to be dragooned into eating less so as to save the taxpayer.

The problem with this is that fatties don’t cost the NHS cash, they save it. Here’s the standard story:

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So Now We Know Why You Ended Up With That Grossly Fat Porker

IT’S one of those little tragedies that hits most peoples’ love lives at one time or another. One starts out the evening lookin’ fer a little lurve and the eye alights upon one carrying a little extra weight. Some interesting handfuls perhaps: and then one wakes up next to a beached whale. Fortunately, now we know the answer. You should have eaten before you went looking:

It is a well-known maxim that you shouldn’t visit the supermarket when feeling hungry, but new research suggests the same is true when going out in search of romance.

Both men and women are more likely to be attracted to people who are larger when they go out on an empty stomach.

Men, in particular will choose more voluptuous women if they have missed a meal while women go for larger, heavier set men.

But scientists warn that when then hunger is sated, they may not feel the same.

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Police Find 40 Bags Of Heroin In Man’s Belly Button

navel drugs


DRUGS. You can hide contraband pretty much anywhere. But eyebrows have been raised by police in Greenville, North Carolina, who found drugs hidden inside Randall Streeter belly button. How much drugs. A pill or two? No. His navel contained 40 bags of heroin, crack cocaine and Percocet pills.

Mr Streeter is 5’5″ tall and tips the scales at 315 pounds. How much of that weight is drugs, remains to be seen…


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What If It’s Actually A Virus Turning Us All Into Fat Lardbuckets?



THIS sounds like a very odd theory, that it’s actually a virus that is turning us all into fat lardbuckets. But while it’s an odd theory there’s enough evidence out there that we should at least consider it seriously. Not to the point that we just assume that it’s correct of course: but to the point where we investigate more to see if it might be true.

Coughs, sneezes and a runny nose are not the worst a bad cold can do to you – it might also make you fat.

Scientists believe a virus behind the common cold could have fuelled the obesity epidemic that has swept the developed world. The culprit? A contagious bug called adenovirus 36.

Experts told the European Congress on Obesity in Sofia that eating and exercise habits haven’t changed enough to explain why people worldwide started piling on weight at around the same time.

There’s two serious points behind this.

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Fancy A Shag? Then Chase The Bird With The Fat Arse

fat arse



NICE, eh. The conclusion from the latest piece of research into human sexuality says that men looking for sex should chase women with big bums. That’s not quite how they actually describe the results of their research, this is true, but it is indeed what they mean.

What they’ve done is go and question women about their sexual behaviour. They’ve also measure the width of their hips (this is the bone measurement, not the muscle and fat over it). And they’ve found that women with wider hips are more likely to have a one night stand (ie, a quick shag with someone met in the pub) than women with narrower hips. Thus, obviously, if you’re looking for that quick shag then chase the birds with the fatter bum.

Where they might be wrong though is in their explanation:

The researchers, led by Professor Colin Hendrie, suggest that women with wider hips have more sexual partners because the birth process is generally easier and less traumatic for them than for smaller-hipped women (below 31cm).

He said: ‘Women’s hip width has a direct impact on their risk of potentially fatal childbirth-related injury. It seems that when women have control over their own sexual activity this risk is reflected in their behaviour.

‘Women’s sexual activity is therefore at least in part influenced by hip width.’

That’s a fun theory but it does require that women have some great knowledge of the risks of childbirth and also of the size of their own hip bones: as above, this isn’t the same as their actual hip size.

Other, rather more believable, theories can be used. For example, our society is obsessed with the idea that women are more attractive if they are thin. This means that women who are thin have greater choice about who they have sex with: and it’s a fairly standard part of the analysis of female sexuality that women are less likely than men to be looking for that quick shag. They’d prefer (not, not all all the time, but prefer) the beginning of a relationship to a sweaty fumble. And if thinness is what gives the ability to pick and choose among suitors then those rather broader of beam are going to find themselves offering the sex first in the possible hope that it will become the relationship.

Yes, I know, it all sounds rather sexist but then we are talking about sex. And there’s very good evidence that fat birds are dirtier in bed too, put out more often, for exactly these reasons.

I believe the numbers and results of this research but not the reasoning on offer as to why it happens.

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