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Mexico President Felipe Calderó wants Americans to buy drugs from nuns and Scouts

MEXICO’S soon-to-be former President Felipe Calderón gives up fighting the war on drugs. The leader of the United Mexican States (he wants the country’s name changed to just Mexico – emulating your biggest drugs client is more creepy than flattering) tells The Economist:

“Are there still drugs in Juárez [a violent northern border city]? Well of course, but it has never been the objective…of the public-security strategy to end something that it is impossible to end, namely the consumption of drugs or their trafficking…

“Either the United States and its society, its government and its congress decide to drastically reduce their consumption of drugs, or if they are not going to reduce it they at least have the moral responsibility to reduce the flow of money towards Mexico, which goes into the hands of criminals. They have to explore even market mechanisms to see if that can allow the flow of money to reduce.

“If they want to take all the drugs they want, as far as I’m concerned let them take them. I don’t agree with it but it’s their decision, as consumers and as a society. What I do not accept is that they continue passing their money to the hands of killers.”

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Posted: 24th, November 2012 | In: Reviews | Comment