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Formula Rossa Photos: The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster Helps Your Inner Saddo

THE worlds’ fastest roller-coaster has opened in Abu Dhabi. The150 miles per hour Formula Rossa salves the inner saddo by sitting you in a mock Ferrari chair at Ferrari World and then hurtling you forward at 7 G’s. It’s the toddler ride for grown ups.

The ride is 2.07 kms long and completed in under 90 seconds. If course, this is a glimpse of the future when we’re all in robot-cars and driving down laser tracks…

The Greatest Roller Coaster Pictures Ever


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The Shame Of Owning A Gold Ferrari

THE shame of having to travel by car when all your mates have trains. That gold-plated Ferrari is pathetic.

Dear dad…

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Ferrari issue F1 quit threat

ferrari_f2007_launch_6PANIC has gripped the sport of Formula 1, with the news that Ferrari have threatened to quit F1 at the end of this season if the sport continues with plans to introduce an optional £40m budget cap from 2010.

“No F1 in 2010 if the rules do not change,” said a statement. “Ferrari does not intend to register cars for the 2010 F1 world championship.”

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Obama Gives Ferrari Money To Italy Earthquake Appeal

THE US of A is giving Italy $50,000 to solve the Eartquake issue. Or a Ferrari.

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