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Findus dishes up horses for courses

FINDUS beef lasagne contains up to 100% horse meat. No artificial meats. Just trusty horse meat. No consumer complained about it not tasting like cow. No-one died. No-one fell ill. The horse lasagna sold as well as before. But then that consumer apathy may be rooted in the animal painkillers injected injected into those Nag Burgers.

Findus says it is “Good lads food made Findusly Simple”:

For over 50 years, Findus has stood as one of Britain’s best loved names in food. Using only the best ingredients and a generous pinch of imagination in our recipes, we’ll help you prepare great tasting and effortlessly good food straight from your freezer

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Posted: 8th, February 2013 | In: Reviews, The Consumer | Comments (4)