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Flashback to April 27 – Photos from this day in history

APRIL 27 – On this day in history…

This map drawing of the area in which the United States’ spring H-bomb tests will take place in the Pacific Ocean, shown April 27, 1956. The distance of the islands of Eniwetok and Bikini from Japan, Guam, New Guinea and Hawaii is noted. The islands are in a vast danger zone which has been established. It covers more than 420,000 square miles. Precautions have been taken to avoid any repetition of incidents like the one during the last hydrogen bomb test. A Japanese fishing boat unwittingly came within range of the fallout. Illness and death among the crew, which the Japanese attributed to the effects of the fallout, brought strong reaction. Protests over the new tests have been made both in the United States and aboard. (AP Photo/Ed Gunder)

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