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Fluoride Damages American Teeth And Makes You Stupid, Maybe

THE fluoride in drinking water is harming the teeth of American children. So says the US Government. It wants the amount of fluoride reduced.

But if it isn’t and damage has already been done, will there be an American generation with British teeth? Well, no. Kelli and Brad will get their gnashers capped with the stuff they use to coat the space shuttle’s belly and then coloured in with Tipp-Ex.

But what about the UK? In 2008, then Health Secretary Alan Johnson called for fluoride to be added to England’s water supplies. He then did as all arse-covering politicians must and called for a big debate. No decision would be made until… Well, when? When are all the facts ever known? And then who makes the final decision if not the elected head who has access to research and vested interest groups?

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Posted: 7th, January 2011 | In: Key Posts | Comment (1)