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Chelsea footballer Michael Essien appears at the world darts championships

TO the World Darts Championships at Alexandra Palace, where Chelsea footballer Michael Essien is the star attraction. To some, darts is just an audition for Celebrity Fit Club. But it’s more than that. Dartists have nicknames. What price football adopting the ploy and Michael Essien becoming Michael ‘The Thigh Bone’ Essien, playing alongside Didier ‘The Ivory Man’ Drogba and Frank ‘Lights Off’ Lampard?

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Posted: 17th, December 2011 | In: Sports | Comment

Imogen Thomas: Blackmailer Or Not?

THIS writer has been warned away from a number of stories thanks to the ubiquitous super injunction. Kinda irritating when you meet the celebrity in question and have to stand there with a big shit-eating grin on your face, coupled with whitened knuckles of frustration.

One super injunction that seems to have a whole bunch of names attached to it regardless is the one involving Imogen Thomas, who you may remember as being ‘Her Off Big Brother 7 Who Had The World’s Most Listless Sex Tape Leaked’.

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Posted: 17th, May 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment (1)