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For Missoni Life Is A Scatter Cushion, Literally

MARGHERITA Maccapani Missoni is the “ambassadress” of Italian fashion label Missoni. In an age where no man or woman is an island, rather a nation with ambassadors, we enter the other world inhabited by the Missonis.

Highlights of the interview are:

MMM: “I feel a bit like the keeper of the brand’s essence. It’s difficult to explain in one sentence. I’ve learnt to be a Missoni. It’s something that’s mine, that belongs to me. I’ve grown up seeing the world through those eyes, through an aesthetic.”

Hello!: “Which is why you’ve become the ambassadress, the chosen one…”

MMM: “As for my friends, they were scattered all over the place. But now I’ve got a cushion of friends I can fall back on and bounce off”…

Living among so much soft furnishing can do that to you…

Posted: 1st, February 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comments (6)