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Snapshot: Bernie Ecclestone and Michael Schumacher are sitting on a wall

FLASHBACK in a snapshot: It’s 12/08/2000. Formula One Motor Racing has arrived at the Hungarian Grand Prix. At the Qualifying session, Michael Schumacher tries to tip Bernie Ecclestone off the wall as David Coulthard, Mika Hakkinen and Rubens Barrichello look on. Bernie then appears to grap Schumacher’s gear stick…

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F1 teams told to forget Bahrain Grand Prix

IS Formula One set to pull out of the Bahrain Grand Prix? Is F1, that bastion of power and global warming enthusiasm – the circus that keeps Tamara Ecclestone in bags –  to be the world’s moral barometer?

The Times says that backstage staff on the F1 Tour – engineers, mechanics and catering staff – have been given two sets of return flight tickets from the grand prix in Shanghai, China, next Sunday: one for Bahrain (scene of the scheduled next Grand Prix) and the other for Europe (home to eight F1 teams).

Last year’s Bahrain Grand Prix was cancelled amid security concerns. This season’s race looks likely to follow suit.

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Lewis Hamilton May Be Wealthy, But He’s Still Depressingly Desperate When It Comes To Nicole Scherzinger

IMAGINE. You’re one of the most respected Formula One drivers on the planet. You’re reasonably good looking. You’re wealthy. You’ve got a number of lucrative advertising contracts. The world is at your feet (the one that presses the accelerator at least).

Yet, you still own a penis.

And it’s Lewis Hamilton’s member that’s making him all sad and desperate. See, despite his wealth and fame, he doesn’t like the fact that Nicole Scherzinger isn’t his girlfriend anymore.

And so, despite the fact they split only in October, Lewis isn’t giving up on the X Factor USA judge. Nosiree. Not even if he looks like a desperate teenager.

A source (to be massively trusted, of course) told the Daily Mail (also to be hugely trusted):

“Lewis is on a full-on mission to get Nicole back. He’s been having her favourite flowers and thoughtful gifts delivered to her LA home and to the set of US X Factor. He misses her terribly and has told friends he won’t stop until he’s won her over.”

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F1 to get first female driver since 1992?

DANICA Patrick is the most attractive professional racing driver in the world – as her latest shoot for Sports Illustrated shows – and as such she is a hugely marketable sportswoman.

So it’s no surprise that F1’s next team, the American USF1 outfit which plans to race from 2010, has offered Patrick a test drive.

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Lewis Hamilton Walks To Work

AS Tim Blair notes, Formula One’s sop to global warming might not be enough:

This might be the most tokenistic tokenism in the entire history of Tokentown:

Formula One racing will show its support for the FIA’s Make Cars Green campaign by running on unique green-grooved tyres at this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix.

Those stripey Gaia tyres (taias!) are attached to vehicles that consume about 190 litres of fuel during a 300km race.

Lewis Hamilton walks to work…

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