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How Richard Heene Planned To Dissect Falcon Heene’s Remains In Roswell Scam

falcon-heeneHAVING proved that the media will watch balloon so long as there is the scent of death attached to it, Richard Heene , father to Loft Boy Falcon Heene, responds to news that his adventures with flight might have been a scam to con a voracious media into featuring him on the telly.

Forget Jail, Richard Heene Should Get An Emmy

Now the media debates Richard Heene’s character, and lots of hacks paid to fill space have something to voice an opinion on. Richard Heene has arrived. The media should thank him not monster him.

But it might not go well. Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden‘s says police may well pressing charges against Richard Heene. Now someone claiming to be Richard Heene responds on TMZ:

9. This is Richard. I may not have cable but I do have the internet and I must say I am alarmed at some of the things coming out. Any other inquiries are to be made to my spokesman who I will introduce tomorrow.
I came across this site and this is unreal.

– First of all, this was not a hoax. Falcon WAS missing when the balloon lifted off. Why would we make a hoax with out kid?

– When Falcon was talking about the show, this is what happened: Earlier in the day when we were working on this craft, I told Falcon that someday we would be famous and have our own show and when that happened, he would have to hide in the attic to escape his fans. Are we clear?

– This guy claiming to have worked for me was a fraud. Yes, he will show you my handwriting where I allegedly talk about a plan but it was all a joke at the time.

– Any other questions regarding this incident will be forwarded to my spokesman who I will introduce tomorrow. I will answer more questions tonight.
and please don’t come within 200 meters of my house. Read the note.

Yours truly,
Richard Heene

As Anorak has said, Falcon Heene has two older brothers and given the chance to show up his mum and dad on the telly, he said he did it for “the show”. He also vomited on the Today Show. Falcon Heene is a hero to small boys and TV critics the world over.

But the evidence of Heene’s alleged conniving is massing. On Gawker, 25-year-old researcher Robert Thomas says he and Richard Heene “drew up a master plan to generate a massive media controversy using a weather balloon. To get famous, of course.”

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