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Fort Hood Killer Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan Knew Someone With Money In Pakistan

nidal-malik-hasanWHEN Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 13 peoples he set off a starter pistol for the media. Everyone wanted the story. Everyone wanted an angle.

And today Sky News delivers:

Pakistan Link To Fort Hood Army Massacre

The army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at America’s biggest army base had links to Pakistan, it has emerged.

That’s Pakistan, a country’s whose population is estimated to be 180.8 million (UN, 2009). Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan knows one or more of these people. He has previously been linked to the West Bank, Greece, mad mullah Anwar Al-Awlaki, Muslim clothing and a lap-dance bar.

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Nidal Malik Hasan’s Family In Ramallah Say Mass Murderer Is A Victim

major-nidal-malik-hasan1MAJOR Nidal Malik Hasan is not a terrorist. As we have seen there are ten reasons why the man murdered 13 people in Fort Hood, Texas. And not once – not once – does our round-up suggest that he is a terrorist.

Nancy Gibbs, in Time magazine – “The Fort Hood Killer: Terrified … or Terrorist?” – can stop trying to work it out.

We know Hasan is the victim because we are told he is:

A close relative spoke to Sky News in the West Bank town of Ramallah on condition of anonymity, afraid of reprisals against his family in America.

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Major Nidal Malik Hasan Discusses The Fort Hood Incident With Peter Cook

MAJOR Nidal Malik Hasan discusses the attack on Fort Hood in which he murdered 13 people with Peter Cook and the Beyond The Fringe investigative team. It’s what the US military is calling: The Fort Hood Incident:

Read the Ten Craziest Reasons Why Nidal Hasan killed 13 people here.

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Nidal Malik Hasan’s Clothing Trained in Canada

islamophobiaWHEN you hear that Nidal Malik Hasan is a Muslim, what do you think? If you’re a Muslim you probably thought “Oh f***”. If you’re in the media you might have thought of any number of reasons why he killed 13. Here are 10.

If you want to see him not as a mass murderer but only as a Muslim, you write something like this:

After the sickening news of yesterday when a Muslim American soldier’s clothing brazenly opened fire into a crowd of other American soldiers and citizens, killing at least 13 and wounding nearly 30 very innocent non-Muslim American citizens I’m ready for some GOOD CHANGE.

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US Forced Fort Hood Murderer Nidal Hasan To Join The Army

nidalA READER writes on Nidal Hasan, who murdered 13 people at the Fort Hood Army base, Texas.

MY brother Joe, out in Oregon, and called me this morning to talk about the shooting. A quick background on Joe, career military officer in the Army, served in Vietnam, and retired after 25 years in.

He said ‘to use your favouite expression this was a royal fuck up by the Military and Military Intelligence!’

1) Hasan joined the military to get his education paid for and thus owed them years of service. He had made it very plain in writing many times to the military he was a conscientious objector and speaking out very much against the war and and had fear of going over. He even offered to pay back the military what his education cost them.

They refused to release him, Paul, even knowing his claim of being a CO and very much against the War.

2) He had several bad reviews – what did they do? Promote him!

3) He was being harrassedby other military personnel re being a Muslim and reported that – they did nothing.

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Hasan Nidal Triggers A War On Islam

war-on-islam1HASAN Nidal, the Fort Hood mass murderer, dominates the news and the newswires. You can read our round-up here.

Is Nidal Hasan a jihadi or a nutter, or both? The press is uncertain, each writer going with their own prejudices. Sky News says as a psychiatrist Nidal would have heard lots of harrowing stories from returning soldiers and may have been sent mad. He’s the victim?

A man who murders 12 people is only one thing: a mass murderer.

While religion and politics merge into a bloody mess, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the US’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, is to hold a news conference tonight at its Capitol Hill headquarters in reaction to the attack at Fort Hood.

At the news conference, American Muslim leaders will reiterate their condemnation of the shootings and urge calm as the nation reacts to today’s tragic events.

Meanwhile, back in Britain, the Sun delivers this front-page news: “HE WAS THE DADDY – Pregnant Muslim bride salutes her dead hero husband”.

Inside: “Our son will never know his dad but he will know his legacy.”

The Sun gets it right. While no news organisation focusing on any of the 12 murdered US soldiers, with all eyes on their murderer and speculation as to his motives, the Sun looks at a victim. Death in the news is delivered in numbers but it only when we see one life taken that readers can relate to it:

THE wife of massacred soldier Darren Chant yesterday revealed he was due to be a father again. Muslim Nausheen, 30, is six months pregnant.

Chant and four other soldiers was murdered by 26-year-old Gulbuddin – a Afghan police officer who was shot in the leg but remains at large.

But how relevant is Mrs Chant’s religion?

The widow, who is a non-practising Muslim, said: “Our unborn son will never meet his father. But he will know him through his legacy.”

But to the Sun she is “Muslim”. It’s front-page news. But there is no war on Islam. That is what the enemy wants you to believe. There is a war on the Taliban in Afghanistan. There is a war on Al Qaeda in Iraq. Is either group a friend to Islam, or typical of Muslims? Only a fool or bigot would answer “yes”.

Mrs chant’s private grief is in the public sphere. But should religion have any factor in the story? The biggest outrage is hidden later in the article:

His mum Elizabeth, 59, told how he would bark at Prince Harry on parade: “Get your legs up, Windsor!” She tearfully accused the PM of betraying Our Boys, raging: “My son said Afghanistan was a living hell. They need more of everything, more equipment, more troops, more rifles and more clothes and boots which fit properly.

We send our solders – white, black, Asian, Christian, Jew or Muslim – to fight ill equipped for battle. That is the outrage.

Madeleine McCann: Let’s Blame The Muslims

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Fort Hood Shootings Latest News: US Soldier Nidal Hasan Shoots 13 Dead

fort-hoodIN the Soldier Readiness Centre Fort Hood, Texas, 13 are shot dead and 31 are wounded. Nidal Hasan is captured. The news:

At least eight people have been shot in an Orlando, Florida, high-rise office building, CNN affiliates report.

As Chelsy say: “Here we go, now we will be getting a rash of shootings”

Woman saves: Kim Munley, a civilian police officer, is the woman who brought Hasan down by shooting him four times before he could murder more.

Woman killed: Chicago – FOX Chicago News has learned that a 21-year-old pregnant woman from the Northwest Side of Chicago was killed in the Fort Hood shooting spree Thursday.

Francheska Velez, a 2006 graduate of Kelvyn Park, recently had returned from a tour of duty in Iraq.

Reader Cheryl writes: The military/government over here never stops with its deceiving and coverups.  Six and a half hours they let the press and hence the public believe the shooter was dead!  You two know how reporters would think and react when deliberately led to believe and write wrong information and made look the fools six and a half hours later.  Guess the Government and military officials needed those 6  1/2 hours to get their stories straight about what was known or not known about the Major!  Now the CNN news is talking about the Major was on the ‘radar’ to be watched over the last months for some blogs or other stuff he had written about suicide bombing, his intense dislike for the Iraqi War, he wasn’t going over, etc, etc. etc.  CNN with Larry King and Anderson Cooper are far from happy being deceived.

Tim Blair: The evasiveness of media in the immediate wake of the Fort Hood murders is astonishing. The ABC’s Lisa Millar opened her midday report claiming to have “learned quite a lot about the gunman”, then revealed very little of it – apart from that Malik Nadal Hasan had “attracted a lot of harassment because of his last name” and “family background”. This came about, Millar reported, despite Hasan being born and raised in the US. Not mentioned in eight minutes of coverage: Hasan’s faith, which in a case like this is surely of interest.

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