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Victoria Beckham Spends £3000 On Stretch Mark Cream – Still Of No Fixed Talent

WHEN Victoria Beckham had her bouncing bundle of inevitable disappointment, the world sighed and was glad that she’d finally had a baby girl, so we could all officially stop caring. The last bit of fun we were to have was with her and her husband David’s decision to call her Harper Seven, which sounds like the seventh sequel to a cheap ’70s sci-fi show.

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Posted: 15th, July 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comments (21)

Lottery Winner Buys UK Bank

IANTHE Fullager stuffed her winning lottery ticket down her bra. She is “BOOM AND BUST” (Sun), and being wooed by the banking sector.

Fullager of Fullager & Bingley Brothers now has more money than the entire banking sector combined, and as such a commands the Sun’s front page.

“I wanted to keep my ticket where I thought no-one would look for it,” says the 18-year-old, who may need to reconsider her hiding places give her new levels of attractiveness.

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Posted: 1st, October 2008 | In: Money, Tabloids | Comments (13)