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Four Britons Killed Cows

cows-killerFOUR people in Britain have been murdered by cows in the past two months.

June 21: Vet Liz Crowsley crushed against a wall and trampled underfoot. Dogs present.

July 15: Barry Pilgrim, “trampled to death by a cow as his wife looked on.”

July 18: Anita Hinchey attacked and trampled to death by cow.

Harold Lee, “a 75-year-old farmer from Burtle in the West Country. He was killed by his own herd, which may have been made nervous by the siren of a passing ambulance.”

Or , as the Sun reported – “startled by a fire engine’s siren”:

A COW had to be shot dead yesterday after going on the rampage in a school – as a farmer became the fourth person trampled to death this summer.

The beast charged a cop and a woman with a baby after fleeing an abattoir-bound trailer.

Kids looked on in horror as armed officers fired 12 shots at the animal – before slitting its throat.

Dogs. Wife. Ambulance (fire engine). All triggers than cause a cow to attack and kill.

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