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Costa Concordia: Dry Francesco Schettino was saved by the ‘effect of gravity’

LISA Cameron Smith saw the Costa Concordia founder. She lives on Giglio, the island where the Italian cruise ship floundered. Thirty-two people died.

The conduct of skipper Francesco Schettino remains under the spotlight. She tells the Times:

“If I was him I would be on that boat. Probably, I would have been with those who died.”

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Costa Concordia: Domnica Cemortan loves Francesco Schettino – divers find knickers in captain’s cabin

COSTA Concordia: Domnica Cemortan, the Moldovan dancer-turned-“international hostess”, reportedly, has a self-confessed “weakness” for Captain Francesco Schettino,.

Rumours abound that Cemortan and Schettino wined and dined together the night the cruise ship ran aground on rocks off the island of Giglio.

Rumours abound that Cemortan was on the ship’s bridge when the captain made his ill-fated big-horn pass of the island.

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Costa Concordia: Hairdresser Giovanni Di Mauro was last off the ship – Francesco Schettino lied?

Costa Concordia: introducing superstar hairdresser Giovanni Di Mauro and Roberto Ferrarini…

JUST when you thought Captain Francesco Schettino of the Costa Concordia was looking the hero, we hear it alleged that he asked Roberto Ferrarini, Costa Cruises’ maritime operations manager in Genoa, to agree a cover story that the running aground was due to an electrical blackout. The alleged story would be that the blackout did not follow the disaster – the blackout preceded the disaster.

Roberto Ferrarini has put his report to the Italian Parliament:

“He asked me to agree the line to be taken with the authorities, who were evidently asking him what had happened. He said he intended to say that the ship first suffered a blackout after which it had hit the shoals. I immediately rejected any such possibility, warning him to describe exactly how events unfolded.”

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Costa Concordia underwater photos: Francesco Schettino V Gregorio Maria De Falco (the T-shirts)

INSIDE the Costa Concordia – in photos. Eleven bodies have been recovered from the Costa Concordia – five were in the restaurant on Deck 4 — and two others very close by. The restaurants is now 2 meters under water. Divers have an unenviable job of searching for bodies in the murky brown water where visibility is down to 4 feet.

Meanwhile, Italy is getting to grips with Francesco Schettino, the Costa Concordia’s captain who fell into a lifeboat and was heard being told by Captain Gregorio Maria De Falco, “Get the f*** back on board!”

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Costa Concordia: Francesco Schettino, Dimitri Christidis and Silvia Coronia fell into a lifeboat

COSTA Concordia captain, Francesco Schettino, says he was not the last man to leave the stricken vessel because he fell into a lifeboat and against his will and at the mercy of the fates made it to safety with people still on his ship. Schettino had earlier given the order to perform a “inchino” (a sail-by salute) to a former colleague on the island of Giglio, with whom he was speaking on the telephone. This caused the Costa Concordia to hit a rock and 11 people to die – 22 more are missing.

Says Schettino to the La Repubblica from his home at Meta di Sorrento on the Amalfi coast near Naples:

“The route was decided at the departure in Civitavecchia, but I made a mistake on the approach to shore. I was navigating by sight because I know the depths there well and I had done that manoeuvre three or four times before. But this time I ordered the change of course too late and I ended up in water that was too shallow. I don’t know why it happened. I was lost in my thoughts.”

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Every reason why the Costa Concordia failed: stars, Francesco Schettino, a curse and more

THE Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of Tuscany. Why did at least six people die (29 are missing)? The media wonders:

The Sail By

The captain of the vessel faces multiple manslaughter charges for what his own employers called an “inexplicable” decision to sail the 950ft ship close by the island of Giglio to salute former seamen…

Prosecutors believe the captain may have deliberately ordered the 1,500-cabin liner to sail close to the island of Giglio to sound a three-horn salute in what locals call an “inchino,” or reverent bow, to the inhabitants. Its decks illuminated, the Costa Concordia has previously sailed close to the picturesque island and sounded its foghorn in tribute.

The “showboating” was meant to be a treat for the passengers on the first night of their cruise, and a treat for the islanders too. – The Times

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