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Frank Lampard marries Christine Bleakley for a third time

Former Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard is to marry “TV’s” Christine Bleakley. The Sun’s unnamed source says it will be a “star-studded bash” at London’s The Arts Club.

A few months ago, the Mirror’s 3am Girls told us it wold be “small do”.


Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.46.56


The Belfast Telegraph told us it would be a “big wedding”.


Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.49.03


The Telegraph also stated the pair would marry last year.


Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.55.56


But topping the lot is Closer magazine, which said Christine and Frank would marry in 2013. It reported in May 2013:

After revealing that “2013 would be the year” she marries her fiancé Frank Lampard, Christine Bleakley has told her inner circle that she doesn’t want the footballer’s ex, Elen Rivas, to know her wedding plans…

Insiders add that Christine has started planning a hen party in Dubai, so she’s “tanned and well-rested” for the ceremony. A pal adds: “She says her dress will be vintage. She’s excited and has said: ‘I’m becoming a stepmum and wife on the same day! The girls are as important to me as Frank is.’”

Makes you wonder if those ‘insiders’ know anymore than the tabloid outsiders?

As Frank told ITV in 2013: “We never had any wedding kind of planned but we certainly are going to get married. But we’d love to do it when no one knows and we’re just done. That’ll be our style, I think.”

Such are the facts.

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Manchester City balls: Frank Lampard reminds us that Major League Soccer is rubbish

frank lampard


Let us be in no doubt that Major League Soccer, the United States football league, is rubbish.

Frank Lampard was excited to sign for New York City FC. And then he joined Manchester City until January 1 2015. Frank has now decided to remain at Manchester City for the duration of the Premier League season.

The Third Rail fan group respond:

We would like to publicly denounce City Football Group’s and Frank Lampard’s decision. Many fans, including our members, decided to support the team, committed to season tickets, and bought merchandise under the impression that Frank Lampard would be playing for New York City Football Club, not Manchester City. Many of those fans are rightly outraged by this decision, and we support any course of action they take to voice their discontent over this decision. We reject out of hand any suggestion that NYCFC is in any way secondary to Manchester City FC, regardless of the source, and are disappointed that City Football Group would give such an appearance.

Great stuff by the fans of a football club that hasn’t played a single game, currently has a grand total of 15 senior players on their books and, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t really exist properly yet.

Go Newers!


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Transfer Balls: Frank Lampard Leaves Chelsea But Joins Manchester City Not New York City

TRANSFER Balls: What news of  Chelsea legends Frank Lampard?

On May 31, The Daily Mirror told its readers that Lampard had joined the New York City FC:



Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 07.15.04


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Chelsea fan in Brazil names son Leandro Lampard, aka ‘Lampardinho’

YOU know England are playing like Brazil when a native of Rio names his son Leandro Lampard. At the Bola Pra Frente charity project in Rio, we saw Chelsea fan * Leandro Tavares Guedes’s son Leandro Lampard, aka “Lampardinho”.

Rumours are that Little Lampard has been forcibly separated from nursery school classmate Steven Gerrardinho amisdallegations that they “cannot play together”.

Chelsea fan * Leandro Tavares Guedes can name the entire squad for the 1986 Full Members Cup final when his favourite Blues player Colin Pates lifted the mighty Cup. Or maybe he just started liking them when they got very rich and won the European Cup?

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Harry Redknapp, Frank Lampard and Chelsea linked to paedo thought sex, says The Sun

LOVE rat, five-times-a-night footballers rejoiced when the News of the World hung up its probing lens and closed its wallet to kiss ‘n’ tell models. But the Sun on Sunday is here to tell us that Chelsea player Frank Lampard has a “paedo uncle”. Slowly, slowly, the Sun on Sunday removes its top. ‘Are you readers ready for shag-n’n tells?’ it asks. ‘YES,’ we cry. But the self-styled ‘family’ paper wants us to wait. It is unsure of itself sexually. But it knows a paedo when it spots one stood in the dock. Paedos are a Sun mainstay.

The Premier League sex story is not dead, it’s just shifted its gaze to Paul Lamb, a “predatory pervert” married to Gwen, the sister to Frank Lampard’s dad, Frank Lampard Snr.

The story might have been “Jamie Redknapp’s first cousin once removed is a predatory paedo“; or for added sensation that goes to the upper echelons of the national game, “Harry Redknapp’s family in paedo shame“, or “England mascots in peril!

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Closer Magazine Are Having A Baby With Christine Bleakley

SINCE babies are already taking over the world I was interested to read Katie Banks’s article in Closer magazine this week. I think Katie’s got herself a little flustered here and has disappeared into the pink playpen she keeps under her desk because reading her go on and on about Christine Bleakley wanting a baby made me realize that every girl eventually outgrows her Care Bear collection.

It was real nice of Katie to clear up a piece of obvious the size of Vanessa Feltz when she tells us that Christine is thinking about having babies with fiancee Frank Lampard.

Katie goes on to say that once Christina has unattached Frank’s umbilical cord from his b-hole then Frank will want to have babies every morning.

“He’d have babies in the morning”

(Via: Christine Bleakley / Closer magazine)

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John Terry Race Row: Is Frank Lampard Is Too Decent And Honest To Be England Captain

TO the England team conference at The Grove hotel before the England v Sweden match. All hacks are banned from asking the Chelsea captain about the ongoing investigation into allegations of racism. Terry denies the accusations which are being investigated by the FA and police.

But two journalists contrive to weave the matter into their questions. They will take one for the press pack. They drew the short straws and will ask the questions every journalist in the room wants answered.

The pick of the bunch is, “John I’ve known you for years – you’re not a racist are you?”

The FA’s press officer stops Terry from responding to Nick and Dan’s posers. He wants to talk only about football.

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Frank Lampard And Christine Bleakley To Host Sofa-Based TV Chat Show

FRANK Lampard and glistening Christine Bleakley are engaged. We looked on as Frank brought his pink T-shirt and future wife through Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport after returning from Los Angeles.

You see, readers, Frank is not always kissing the badge on his Chelsea top. He is sometimes kissing the vapid Bleakely. She and others, like Kate Garraway and the teeth-melting Fiona Philips, have proven that anyone with a mouth and arse can present a sofa-based telly show.

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Dead Ashley Cole’s Bikini Shame As Lampard And Christine Bleakley Frolic: Pictures

TWO days on from Ashley Cole‘s “DISGRACE” at laughing hours after England’s defeat to Germany in the World Cup – photos England and Cheryl Cole fans will be “shocked to see” (and Cole’s now getting “death threats from angry fans“)  – the Star leads with more football news, although this time it’s Frank Lampard kissing Christine Bleakley.

Ashley Cole’s Women (NSFW – Alleged)

“The midfielder… looked much happier as he laughed and joked with the new GMTV beauty on Sardinia.”

Lampard and Bleakley are on the cover of the Mirror, too, smiling it up in Italy. Don’t they look great laughing in the sun?

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Cheryl Cole And Cook Up A Gay Storm

CHERYL Cole (nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Tweedy) and Black Eyes Peas front man (enemy of grammar) are being linked in love. Are they shagging? Is Cole giving the Black Eyes Peas man a black eye? Can the media and PRs produce a background story of love to help flog the idea that one-hit, lip-synching wonder Cheryl can support a talented big band like the Black Eyed Peas?

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

The Sun wonders and comes up with:

You’ve turned Cheryl gay, Ash

Lia Nicholls says that the boys at Chelsea FC have heard the news that Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie “might bed his estranged wife Cheryl”.

What the report said was that Fergie…:

“…told pal WILL.I.AM that SHE will bed CHERYL COLE before he does.”

Anorak read that as Fergie claiming to have more chance of shagging Cole than does, who has next to no chance.

Cheryl Cole And Ashley’s Marriage

Anyhow the news is that John Terry, Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard and more have told Ashley Cole:

“You’ve turned your wife gay”.

Adding that in any threesome:

“You could have been in the middle of that!”

No, not and Cole – Cole and Fergie. Yeah, Sir Alex Ferguson, who also has more chance of shagging Cheryl Cole than does…

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

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In Pictures: Frank Lampard Inspires Christine Bleakley To ‘Jetski’ Across Channel For Sports Relief

BBC TeeVee’s Christine Bleakley has waterskied from Britain to France. She went 22 miles across The English Channel in one hour 40 minutes. She fell 8 times.

The Daily Mail speaks for all news media when it says:

Joy: Christine Bleakley punches the air after making it across The English Channel in just one hour 40 minutes this morning on a jetski

Waterski. Jetski. Whatever. What we want to know is did dating Frank Lampard keep you going? Well, Christine, did it?

“It was really tough though the water was freezing and having to get up after every fall was exhausting.”

Yadda-yadda-yadda. And Frank. You were thinking of Frank all the time?

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me along the way, it really kept me going out there.”

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England WAGs Orgy In South Africa, In Pictures

3639117WORLD Cup Watch: “FAB CAP SLAP SEX BAN ON WAGS” screams the Sun from its front page. “FAB BANS WAGS,” nods the Mirror fron its.

FAB is Fabio Capello, the one who will be the tabloids’ Fabio Crapello should England fail in South Africa. But with passage to the World Cup finals secured, attention turns to the WAGs, the lads’ cheerbleeders who will show Cape Town shopkkepers what a swarm of locusts really looks like.

Capllo says the tournament is not a “holiday“, warning the WAGs:

“If you don’t like it, don’t come… I hope this period that we are at the World Cup will be very long.The players will have one day with their family, with the girls and friends. It will be one day a week, after each game and that is enough. That’s it.”

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England WAGs Caster Semenya Make Over, In Pictures

England WAGs Caster Semenya Make Over, In Pictures

UPDATE: Caster Semenya Has ‘Internal Testes’ And ‘No Womb’

IT was always going to take something huge to push war and Katie Price off the tabloids’ front page, and last night it happened: England qualified for the World Cup finals in South Africa.

Newspapers rejoice. Next summer will be a halcyon time when the news comes to you every day and after a period of 90 minutes plus injury time, full of key facts, exotic names and hate figures.

And there are the WAGS, who we will follow from the moment they pop a boiled sweet into mouths at 30,000ft, through the shops and into the stands to gossip on phones and ask each other what the score is. And watch out for Victoria Beckham’s Caster Semenya makeover.

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Madeleine McCann: Victoria Beckham Lookalike Found

mccann-lookalike-1MADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – Posh lookalike found, live from Barcelona and the Swedish ghost ship…

Daily Express (back on the front page): “MADDIE: Mystery of yacht that just vanished”


No, it’s not the yacht that just vanished form the new, the Arab yacht that in June 2007 caused the Express to yell “Find the Arab’s yacht.” This is another disappearing yacht entirely:

A YACHT which left the Algarve just hours after Madeleine McCann disappeared has vanished without trace, the Daily Express can reveal. The luxury Swedish cruiser sailed out of the Portuguese harbour at Portimao on May 4, 2007, the morning after four-year-old Madeleine disappeared. It has not been seen since.

Last night there was growing speculation that Madeleine might have been whisked out of Portugal on the mystery boat.

Speculation like:

It is possible Madeleine could have been abducted on the orders of a childless couple, desperate to have a family, and taken to Barcelona to meet her new “parents”…

And the mystery yacht?

In Sweden all vessels measuring over 12 metres (40ft) long must be registered with the Swedish Maritime Administration. But inquires with their head office in Stockholm yesterday found no record of the yacht.

You don’t suppose… No, it’s too far-fetched. Well, you don’t suppose the mystery yacht was smaller than 12 metres long?

Daily Star: “Maddie: Was she on boat?”

The Swedish boat or the Arab boat? The jet ski?


DETECTIVES hunting for Madeleine McCann were last night trying to trace a multi-million-pound power boat. The high-speed craft flying the Australian flag was moored yards from the spot where a nervous Posh Spice lookalike asked a Brit: “Are you here to deliver my daughter?’’

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Katie Price Wants To Finish Off Frank Lampard

1755117KATIE Price, aka Jordan, will be remembered for epitomising irony.

Having been repeatedly billed a “self-made star”, the Queen of Irony tells the world:

“There’s actually quite a few little footies I’d do. I’d probably go back to Frank Lampard, finish what I started.”

You can read the full interview in the latest issue of…Glamour.

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Video: Frank Lampard and John Terry abused at West Ham

GYI0000497148.JPGJT and Lampsy were singled out by West Ham fans during Chelsea’s visit to Upton Park last weekend. No surprise there: both Lampard and Terry hate West Ham, and the feeling is mutual.

Terry thinks Irons’ fans crossed the line (they slagged off his mum), but he’s man enough to take it. England’s captain said:

“I can take it, Lamps can take it. It’s a little bit more than that but I’m not going to give them a chance to say I’m whingeing… If they can give they can take it, and if I can take it I can give it. That’s the way it’s got to be.”

Relax, JT. The fans slagged off your mum, not you. Oh…

Watch videos of Terry and Lampard copping stick at Upton Park below:

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Frank Lampard hates his new England top

FRANK Lampard likes to look good, so he wasn’t a happy bunny when he was made to wear Umbro’s latest England “off-duty” casual shirt, a striped affair that screams “Chav!” in a very loud voice.

During a press conference in the wake of England’s 4-0 thumping of Slovakia on Saturday, Lamps tugged at his sleeve, saying:

“Even though we have these terrible tops on, at least we are all wearing the same… Have we got a better chance of winning the World Cup now? Possibly. We’re in a good position, we’re working hard but hopefully they’ll change these shirts!”

Not-so-subtle message to Umbro: change the shirts, they look crap. Unlike England’s new all-white kit, which looks rather smart.

The Current Bun has a video of Frank getting shirty.

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Revealed! The brainiest professional footballer in the world

WHICH English football star has an estimated IQ of more than 150? Click below to find out…

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