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Married Glasgow Labour MP Frank McAveety Resigns Over ‘Dusky’ Maiden

FRANK McAveety, a married Scottish Labour MP for Glasgow Shettleston, tells a committee clerk that the woman sitting in the public benches is a “very attractive girl” during a conversation with the committee clerk. A microphone is on and nearby:

“There’s a very attractive girl in the second row, dark . . . and dusky. We’ll maybe put a wee word out for her.

“She’s very attractive looking, nice, very nice, very slim,” before adding: “The heat’s getting to me…

“She looks kinda . . . she’s got that Filipino look. You know . . . the kind you’d see in a Gaugin painting. There’s a wee bit of culture.”

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Posted: 17th, June 2010 | In: Politicians | Comments (6)