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People with money to burn can ruin Frankie Cocozza’s body


YOU remember Frankie Cocozza don’t you? He was the chap who appeared on the X Factor looking like a knuckle peering out of a grizzly bear’s arse, who had perhaps THE most annoying ‘cheeky chappie’ schtick since Loaded sent a load of their writers on television to defend their stance on burping at women’s baps.

You may also remember that he got his derriere out and displayed a bunch of girls names he’d got tattooed on, when notches on a bedpost wasn’t enough.

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Frankie Cocozza sucks more than Arlo Guthrie’s motor-cycle pickle

FRANKIE Cocozza, was the The X Factor agonist encouraged to behave like a dick and then sacked for behaving like a dick. Haemorrhaged from the pisspoor show, the pisspoor singer then recorded a song. It’s called She’s Got A Motorcycle. It is utterly without merit. But if he creates it , they will come. And if enough of them come, Cocozza can put two fingers up to Simon Cowell and say that he might have written the script on how to polish turds, but Frankie has been doing handstands over the toilet bowl.

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Prepare to vomit: Jodie Marsh sending mucky texts to Frankie Cocozza

THAT feeling of nausea you feel every single second of every single stinking day is about to erupt out of your eyes and nose in a disgusting, almost beautiful, flowing arc.

Jodie Marsh has revealed that she and Frankie Cocozza share dirty text messages with each other.

Just picture that. Cocozza, with his head that looks like a Cabbage Patch doll peering out of a bear’s arse, feverishly thrashing away at texts sent from Jodie ‘looks like she’s made out of varnish and boiled sausages’ Marsh. It’s enough to make you lose every single lunch you’ve ever eaten.

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Was Frankie Cocozza paid to ‘bang’ Holly Hagan?

FRANKIE Cocozza. What’s he good at, then. The celebrity is in the bag, but what can Frankie do to stay famous? The cocaine was illegal, and Colombian cartels are not given to lucrative sponsorship deals. The singing is dire. The dancing is karaoke dad-like. And the hair – it’s all about the hair – may seek new pastures when it wakes up from hibernation. Well, hope abounds. In this week’s Heat magazine,. Cocozza explains how he came to be photographed getting off with Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan:

“Some random person offered me a grand to take a picture with her – why would I say no?”

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Shannon twins wanted Frankie Cocozza charged with ‘sexual harrassment’

IN this week’s OK!, Celebrity Big Brother fans can catch up with their fave housemates, who survived the nightmare. We meet Frankie Cocozza, Denise Welch, Michael Madsen and the Shannon twins.

So. Denise Welch, what did you gain from your time in the Celebrity Big Brother house? Says Denise, 53:

“I learnt that not everyone is the same as me.”

” I’ve learnt that you can’t please some, people all the time…”

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Frankie Cocozza represents Team GB at Athletics match – photo

HOW talented is Frankie Cocozza, the Big Brother runner up and rusticated X Factor contestant? Well, he’s been running in the 800 metres for Team GB at the International Match. To avoid undue pressure, Frankie Cocozza is running under the name Joe Thomas…

Spotter: Lauren Holbrook

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Frankie Cocozza found lurking in plug hole (Video)

What’s blocking your plug hole? Let’s see. Why, it’s X Factor reject Frankie Cocozza! Or is it Chewbacca’s arse?

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Frankie Cocozza gives up drugs for Big Brother

CELEBRITY Big Brother returns to Channel 5 for season 2. And the hot news is that  nails-down-blackboard-voiced X Factor shagger, snorter and cavorter Frankie Cocozza has “ditched drugs in a bid to win Celebrity Big Brother”.

Some news, indeed. Anorak had hoped that Frankie’s one luxury item in the house would be pound of cocaine. But it turns out he’s cancelled the order and will be entertaining us instead with his tales of having taken cocaine, and if he’ll have sex with one of his housemates, like Ryan Giggs’ estranged sister-in-law Natasha Giggs or Katie Price impersonator Nicole McLean.

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Frankie Cocozza Fights With Girls At X Factor Party While Winking At Big Brother Slot

REMEMBER how ‘real’ Frankie Cocozza was? He was properly, properly real. Not like those other X Factor contestants. He meant it when he sang that song by The Clash. He meant every single word of ‘Rocks’ by Primal Scream. He meant every single name tattooed onto his hairless arse.

Sadly, those that surrounded Cocozza meant it when they gently shoved him into the path of controversy every chance they got. Wanna pint Frankie? Have ten. Wanna girl? Have two, and here’s a line for pep.

Of course, because he got booted off the show, he’s not had much to do. However, he was invited to the X Factor wrap party and of course, he needed to remind the newspapers that he existed. So what did he do?

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X Factor: Frankie Cocozza’s Four Lines Of Cocaine Pleases His Enablers

FRANKIE Cocozza, the X Factor’s terrible singer who was sacked from the show for taking, as he tells Heat magazine, “only four lines” of cocaine, and encouraged to behave inappropriately by the show and the tabloid press, appears on the cover of the Daily Star:


X FACTOR’S disgraced star Frankie Cocozza enjoyed another night of shame, snorting cocaine, boozing and bedding a sexy babe. Our shocking pictures show that the teenage bad-boy clearly has no intention of cleaning up his act and he is now spiralling out of control.

And that spiral down life’s plughole is getting him lot of fame in the tabloid press. Over in the Sun, Colin Robertson writes:

“Fears were raised for Frankie Cocozza yesterday after he secretly snorted cocaine ahead of anothwr all-night party.”

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As Frankie Cocozza Melts Away His X Factor Shag ‘n’ Tell Becca Hills Features Is In The Sun Again

MORE news to make us wonder how “student” Becca Hills managed to deliver a shag ‘n’ tell to the Sun about her night with camel-hump haired X Factor femidom gurgler Frankie Cocozza. While Cocozza is melting in the glare of publicity, Becca is illustrating the paper’s feature about how stars are wearing suspender tights. Readers see Becca, whose Facebook profile lists her job as working in Stringfellows lap dancing club and declares an interest in “dogging”, stood between Frankie Sandford, of The Saturdays, talented Jessie J, Pussycat Dolls singer Kimberly Wyatt and Barbadian undies flasher Rihanna.

Starry company, indeed…

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How Frankie Cocozza Was Fixed Up With Stringfellow’s Worker And Dogging Fan Becca Hills And Katherine Holland

X FACTOR renegade Frankie Cocozza, the cocky, untalented Brighton teenager with a head like a windswept camel’s hump, remains on the Sun’s front page. The latest news is that Frankie Prankie wanted a treesome with “students Becca Hills and Katherine Holland“.

These would be “student” Becca Hills, of Ashford, Kent, who works at the Stringfellows Nightclub. On Facebook, she described her job as:

“Polishing helmets with Katherine Holland”

Her philosophy is: “Sex, Sex Sex”

And her “favourite sports” are: “Dogging”

This is also the same “student” who told the Sun:

“Some stuff happened between us, it’s a bit embarrassing to talk about.”

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Frankie Cocozza’s Cocaine Joy: X Factor Reject’s Amazing Role Model Sex

FRANKIE Cocozza: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the X Factor rebel with the terrible voice, camel’s hump hair and ability to score with girls and drugs dealers. Today: cocaine at 16, sex at 12 and loads more to come…



“I’ve bedded six girls since show began”

This is an “EXCLUSIVE”.

Says Frankie:

“I will regret this for the rest of my life. I was an idiot, it was stupid. It wasn’t very role model-like.”


‘”I can’t see into the future so I can’t say that I’ll never do coke again.”

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X Factor: How Did Frankie Cocozza Meet ‘Helmet Polishers’ Becca Hills and Katherine Holland? (Photos)

HOW did Frankie Cocozza meet Becca Hills and Katherine Holland, the “blondes” he was spotted partying with and whose presence gave the tabloids lurid headlines about romps and lust? Frankie heads off to London’s West End an X Factor minder.

A look over the web suggests that Hills, of Ashford, Kent, works at the Stringfellows Nightclub. On Facebook, she described her job as:

“Polishing helmets with Katherine Holland”

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X Factor Rebel Frankie Cocozza: Becca Hill, Katherine Holland, Lust, Sex And Chico

DAY 2 of X Factor’s excluded star Frankie Cocozza’s solo career. The Sun leads with news of Becca Hills, the “beauty” ready to tell all about her night of passion with an 18-year-old.

This is the “Blonde’s Night With Shamed Star

Yep. Star.

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X Factor Rebel Frankie Cocozza Is Jedward’s Brother Who Can Score Drugs And Girls

FRANKIE Cocozza can’t sing and he can’t dance. He’s the X Factor novelty act; the son of Wagner; the would-be star who looks into the camera and says: “It could be you. Anyone can be a pop star. You just need more front than Bournemouth, shaggability and good management.”

So. One day from Frankie’s removal from the X Factor, Frankie is on the cover of the Sun. The headline informs us:

“X Factor drug sacking – Frankie fired for coke sex boasts”

When Louise Walsh said Frankie could never be a rock star, he never meant it. What he meant was: “You need to leave the show under a cloud and then be branded as the boy who got expelled from Simon Cowell’s School Of Pap for being sooooo rock.” Rather than a being failure, Frankie is the bad boy who no-one could tame.

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Which ‘Golden Rule’ Did Frankie Cocozza Break To Get X Factor Chop?

YOU’LL probably know by now that Frankie Cocozza has been kicked off The X Factor. Who are you people going to hate on a Saturday night now? Yourselves?

A show source said to The Sun:

“Frankie is devastated but he has broken a golden rule so producers had no option but to axe him. He had an extra boost from being kept in at the weekend when he thought he was going to go. But now his dream is officially over and he only has himself to blame.”

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X Factor: Frankie Cocozza Wonders If Sex With Twins Counts As One Shag Or Two?

FRANKIE Cocozza has just shagged twin sisters. Well, so says a source to the Daily Mail Online, thus burnishing the X Factor contestant’s reputation as an 18-year-old who likes to have sex.

Cocozza is the show’s ladies man, having shagged anything between 64 and 67 women.

Former X Factor contestant Beccy Shaw says Fankie told her he had already slept with 64 girls, including an older woman with children (not present).

Beccy, 18, told Heat magazine:

“We did get together, but it wasn’t like what he said – we didn’t sleep together.”

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The X Factor: Satanism and Drug Animals

THIS year’s X Factor has been more a case of breaking up the commercials with as little actual programme as possible. This of course, means that we’re all in the mood for buying things rather than buying into the soap opera that is ostensibly WWE For Girls.

That’s not to say there haven’t been a whole heap of stories surrounding the contestants of the show.

For starters, it transpired that Lascel Wood had starred in a grot-flick and that Goldie Cheung was one big joke. And now, we’ve got an apparent anti-Satanist stance and mondo drug hoovering.

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