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Frankie Cocozza To Join, Wagner, Chico And Jedward In This Is Spinal Crap X Factor Special

FRANKIE Cocozza, this year’s X Factor son-of -Wagner novelty act, is threatening to leave the show. The Sun says the supremely untalented singer is also being “probed” by Ofcom for yelling “Fu**ing have it!” after surviving another cull.

But Frankie was not the highlight of the X Factor’s week. That was provided by Gary Barlow, who opined that Johnny Robinson “was making a mockery of the show”. That means he had to go. If it’s anyone’s job to turn this telly karaoke debacle into a mockery it’s those hired judges, chief among whom is cloth-eared Louise Walsh.

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Posted: 8th, November 2011 | In: TV & Radio | Comments (4)