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Brazilian man uses Jack Nicholson fake ID like a massive dumbass

LET us imagine for one second, that you wanted to open a bank account. Nothing unusual there. Now, imagine further, that you’ve got a chequered past and you might have to use a fake ID card. Fine. Contact your nearest criminal, provide them with an envelope of used bank notes and a photograph for the card.

Right? Good. What happens if you haven’t got a picture of yourself?

Clearly, the only sensible thing left to do is to provide a photograph of the gigantically famous Hollywood actor, Jack Nicholson. No-one will ever notice, right?


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Baronet’s Widow Jailed For Benefit Fraud: Former Husband Had 100-Room Mansion

IN court a baronet’s widow and partner have been jailed in a benefits case. Graham Young was at Isleworth Crown Court, in west London, where he was jailed today, along with his partner Oriol Bowden, over a housing benefits scam of more than 90,000. She as once the wife of Sir Frank Bowden, whose grandad set up the Raleigh cycle firm.

Sir Frank owned a 100-room Oxfordshire home. He was an avid collector of Japanese swords and armour. His pet cheetah Chiu was allowed in the house and to ride on the passenger seat of Sir Frank’s car. Oriol Bath became his third wife in 1989.

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Vote Now And Vote Often: Electoral Fraud And Tower Hamlets

THE Times picks up the electoral fraud story, charting the goings-on in Tower Hamlets. A last-minute surge of electoral registrations in the borough means that 5,000 have gone through without any checks.

Of those, a dozen voters have been registered to the home of a Labour candidate, Khales Uddin Ahmed, running to be a councillor, rising from five to twelve in recent weeks. But a neighbour said that only three people live in the maisonette on a council estate in Bromley-by-Bow.

The Best And Weirdest Election Pictures: A Gallery

When challenged by a Times reporter, Ahmed, a restaurateur, locked himself behind his door and insisted that all the other occupants were out. “You are discriminating our family,” he said. “I am not going to give you any information.” He declined to say how many bedrooms he had.

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The LibDems Invent The Fraud-Proof Card For Fraudsters

IMMIGRATION is the hot topic. And the LibDems are on top of it. They propose:

Tough penalties will be put in place for fraud in procurement of a fraud-proof social security card.

How can it fail?

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Twin Judge Swaps Places With Criminal Sister

IN Italy, a woman who worked as a part-time judge as well as a lawyer was “substituted by her identical twin sister in court so she would not lose out on legal fees when she had two simultaneous engagements.”

The 54-year-old twins from northern Italy have now been charged with fraud and will go on trial in January, Italy’s leading newspaper, Corriere della Sera, reported Friday on its website.

One of the twins, identified only as Gabriella, worked primarily as a lawyer but also as an honorary judge, a part-time, paid position that entails helping full-time judges when their case load is heavy.

When Gabriella was called to be a substitute judge she sent her sister twin Patrizia to stand in for her at an existing engagement as a defense lawyer elsewhere in the Milan area.

The problem was that sister Patrizia was not a lawyer like sister Gabriella but charged the clients anyway.

Which of them did the better job is unsaid…


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