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RBS’s Disgraced Fred Goodwin was ‘risk’ adviser to the Queen

NICE little twist on the scourging of Fred “The Shred” Goodwin, former head of the Royal Bank of Scotland comes in Scotland on Sunday today.

It seems gagger Fred (super injunction on the fact he was bumping the uglies with a senior staff member, female, while helping preside over the collapse of his empire) was an adviser to the Queen AND Prince Charles long after he was forced to resign when the UK government took over 80 per cent of the RBS. The full tale is there if you follow the link above.

The in-joke is he was an adviser on risk management…the one thing analysts of the RBS banking disaster say was the bank’s worst failure..risk recognition. It was alleged at a Treasury meeting, as the banking situation reached crisis point, the then Sir Fred was locked out of the meeting on what to do because he had no idea how much money was urgently needed to stop his bank foundering.

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Sir Fred Goodwin is dead – ‘Call me’ Tony Blair troughs on

SIR Fred Goodwin is now plain Fred Goodwin. The Government has decided to change the name of the man portrayed as the epitome of City greed.

Goodwin, the former Royal Bank of Scotland chief, has been told by a clutch / smudge / cloud of senior civil servants that the “scale and severity” of his actions and their affect on the economy are an “exceptional case”.

Fred may wonder why he has been singled out and the likes of, say, Paul Edward Winston White, a man jailed for defrauding the taxpayer by dishonestly claiming £14,000 from the House of Lords continues to be known as Lord Hanningfield? Prince Charles may one day score the title Defender of the Faith – you know, the Christian Church that says adultery is wrong.

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Sexy Fred Goodwin’s Grubby Secret: Shagging On The Glass Ceiling

SIR Fred Goodwin, aka “Shagger”, has had to give up the fight and had his super injunction partially overturned.

It had been in place to prevent us calling him a banker and hide the fact that along with Adam Applegarth (former Northern Rock CEO who was, allegedly, shagging Amanda Smithson from the company’s buy-to-let division) Sir Fred was bumping the uglies with a woman on his senior staff instead of stopping the world’s worst banking melt down.

If you are going to shaft the country, what’s an old colleague for? After all, as every RBS financier knows and brags churlishly while chuckling over the RBS sponsored Rugby match after dinner port, they are women burnishing the glass ceiling with their backsides!

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