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Freddie Mercury wears bananas as a hat

Happy birthday, Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara; 5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991). Here he is wearing a hand of bananas for a hat:


Freddie Mercury hat bananas

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Famous musicians doing ordinary things at home

IN this collection of great photos, we see famous faces form the 1970s at home. Look out for Frank Zappa, Elton John, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Grace Slick, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie:

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Queen to continue elaborate gravedigging of Freddie Mercury with hologram japes

POOR old Queen. They’ve been at a loss since Freddie Mercury – the only one in the group with a modicum of talent or charisma – went and selfishly died, leaving the group to team up with berks like Ben Elton and Dappy from N-Dubz.

Since Freddie shrugged off his mortal coil, Brian May has decided to trade himself as a Diet Slash, appearing anywhere that needs a guitar solo, as well as being chief clog wearer and star-gazer because… well… he can’t offer the world anything else, other than looking exactly like Anita Dobson. Roger Taylor meanwhile is a drummer and, apart from Phil Collins and Don Henley, drummers don’t ever have a career beyond drumming.

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Brian May Considered Suicide But Still Lives On In Those Clogs Of His

KEEN star-gazer and Tory brown-nose, Brian May From Queen, has admitted to irritated journalists, that he considered killing himself following the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991.

Sadly, he talked himself out of it and went on to perform the UK national anthem on top of Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty The Queen.

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Freddie Mercury Back From The Dead To Flog Japanese Noodles

WHEN John Lennon was brought back from the dead to shill for Citroen, we wondered which star would be next to lick Mammon’s fingers. So. Without further ado here is resting Queen front man Freddie Mercury to flog you noodles. And he’s not been wasting his time of late – Mercury’s bene learning Japanese…

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Indian Call Centre Workers Serenade Callers With Queen And Kill The Musak

IN our second Freddie Mercury story of the day, our attention is drawn to this Indian lady singing Queen’s We Will Rock You.

One day they will do away with musak and anyone on hold to a Mumbai call centre will be met by singing and much entertainment.

Holding on will be the new going out…

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Bismillah No! 10 reasons to hate Queen

Queen rank alongside Abba as one of those bands that EVERYONE seems to love. Saying you don’t worship at the altar of Mercury and co is generally greeted with dumfounded looks, and maybe even some disappointed tutting. It seems as though even the coolest kids can see the benefit of Bohemian Rhapsody and have no idea of the downside of Don’t Stop Me Now

But not me. To my mind Queen are the most over-rated acts in the history of popular music – and here’s why…

1 Queen never made a Great album
Queen were a singles band, like Brother Beyond or any current X-Factor wannabe. In fact, they probably would have been on the X-Factor if they were around now. Singles and videos they had plenty of – but how many times do you see a Queen album in a top 100 albums list? Night at the Opera, oh give me a break. Ask anyone what their favourite Queen album is and nine out of ten times they will say Greatest Hits.

2 That Live Aid Performance

I can almost feel the stones being readied, but c’mon, a bit of over-the-top, vaguely fascistic grandstanding and we all have to hail it as the greatest concert performance ever. Nonsense! For starters it was only 20 minutes long! No, I say no! It was just a bit less rubbish than most of the other stuff on there – and nowhere near as good as U2’s rudely truncated stint earlier in the day. Here’s a reminder.

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