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Freddie Windsor And Sophie Winkleman’s Special Hello!

HOW do you promote Lord Freddie Windsor’s marriage to Sophie Winkleman if the happy couple have declined to sell the rights to their do to Hello! magazine?

Well, if you’re Hello magazine you stick a photo pool image on the cover and label it a “ROYAL WEDDING SPECIAL”.

To Hampton Court Palace, then. And we see Sophie and Freddie smiling. And then we spot Princess Michael – four pictures of Princess Michael. And there’s Lady Gabriella walking away from a camera. Get a load of the back of her dress, readers.

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Freddie Windsor Marries Sophie Winkleman, Not In OK!

FREDDIE Windsor has marries Sophie Winkleman, and anorak was there to see the do and the bridesmaids:

Matilda Thykier, daughter of Claudia Winkleman; Lady Helen and Tim Taylor’s daughter Eloise; Ben and Kate Goldsmith’s daughter Iris; Tatiana Szapary, Count and Countess Peter Szapary’s daughter; Dominic and Shoonagh Hubble’s daughter Matilda Hubble; and India, the daughter of Nicholas and Stephanie Balfour.

What you won’t read in OK!:

Lord Freddie Windsor married his actress fiancée yesterday after striking a blow for his family’s honour by turning down offers of £600,000 from celebrity magazines who wanted to buy the rights to the wedding.

Boo. Who?

The new Mrs Windsor said the hour-long service in the Chapel Royal, had been emotional and added: “I wept throughout the whole thing.”

Notes for editors: That’s “Thickier” with a “y” and Spazzy with an “Sp”.

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