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Bill Clinton shouts over Black Lives Matter protesters – good


“How dare Bill Clinton shout over Black Lives Matter protesters,” writes Steven W Thrasher in the Guardian. Very quickly we realise why:

I’ll admit it: I’m prejudiced.

Whenever I see a conflict between a gutsy protester who is trying to show how black lives matter by interrupting a powerful white politician who has a microphone, I’m always going to be rooting for the protester.

We’d say Bill Clinton shouted to reach the people who had come to hear him talk.

…And on Thursday, I cheered on protesters who interrupted Bill Clinton and exposed how ugly, racist and narcissistic he really is.

Better to hold a debate than to shout a man down.

PS – you can see the video of the shouting and counter-shouting on the Guardian website – right after a message from an advertiser. Somethings you can’t interrupt.

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Newport shopkeeper threatened with arrest for asking shoppers to obey law

obey our laws

INCREDIBLE new from Newport, South Wales, where shopkeeper Matthew Taylor has been threatened by police for telling people to obey the law. The T-shirt he’s selling – the ones that declare “Obey Our Laws – Respect Our Beliefs Or Get Out Of Our Country“.

The message “could be seen to be inciting racial hatred”.

Mr Taylor created the slogan after the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby. But some one complained. The police arrived and told him to remove the item or face arrest. He says:

“I had a visit from two CSOs (community support officers) because it has been reported by someone who felt it was offensive. It’s not meant to be offensive. I didn’t produce it to be offensive. It’s what I believe… I don’t see it as racist. I took it down because it is meant to be a statement about any race. Any colour. I’m offended I have had to take it down. I can’t see why I can’t share my beliefs.”

And then Newport city councillor, Majid Rahman epitomsies the nonsesne that that been alaloed to pervaded our society:

“I believe in freedom of speech and defend his rights to say what he wants…”

Good. They have been hard won.


I belivee in dreedom BUT:

once it starts offending people then it’s a police matter and it’s up to them whether they think it’s broken any laws.”

You can be an unwitting racist. If someone says you’re a bigot, then you are one.

Bloody hell!


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