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Austria For Green Shirts, Black Shirts And Brown Shirts

IN Austria, the neo-Nazis are on the march.

If the fascists at the Freedom Party (Freedom from anything not like us – 18%), fascists at BZO (Alliance for the Future of Austria – 11%) and the fascists at the Green Party (the Green Shirts – 9.8) collaborated, they could form a minority Government.

Then we could install cameras, seal Austria and watch the experiment unfold…

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Neo Nazi Austrians Champion English

THOSE Germans (Anorak subscribes to the Eurovision school of politiks and includes under the umbrella term ‘German’, Austrians, Swiss and some of Paraguay’s smartest districts).

In the Guardian’s article on a “surge in support for far right” in Austria threatens to make the country a haven of closested neo-Nazia (plus ca change), readers hear from one Karl Friedrich.

Karl is “proud to live in Karl Marx Hof, Vienna’s vast monument to municipal socialism. But not as proud as he used to be.”


“We had great times here. There were artists and writers all around. Great parties. They’re all gone now,” says the former communist. “Now half the families in my block are immigrants. They can’t speak German. They can’t even speak English.”

Yeah, they can;t even speak English in Vienna. The swine.

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