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Rebecca Black To Sue ‘Friday’ And Biting The Hand That Feeds Her While She’s At It

REMEMBER when everyone thought it was funny to go tell a 2 year old girl to go self harm herself to death for making a bad record? Those were fun times weren’t they?

Of course, everyone’s hatred and projected loathing saw Rebecca Black reportedly earning an impressive $27,000 per week, leaving her to cry amongst toppling wealth. That’s the usual trade-off in fairness and at least she got it out of the way before the agony of adulthood broke into her brains and turned her into a listless, jaded husk of her former self.

That said, this hallowed out feeling has already started to creep into the bones of young Ms Black as she’s decided to indulge in a very adult activity – no, not that kind of activity you lisping pervert – as she’s all set to take out a lawsuit!

And so, are we to assume she’s going for the jugular against though who made incredibly harmful comments against her? Don’t be stupid! She’s going after the people who facilitated her fame!

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Posted: 4th, April 2011 | In: Key Posts, Music | Comment