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How The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel

THE X FACTOR is returned to our TV screens and thus to the newspapers’ front page. And there is a story linking Katie Waissel to Simon Cowell and Sony BMG. You see, Katie is no enthusiastic amateur fluffing her lines and begging for one more chance to live her “dream”.

Had she just got her song right first time over, Katie would have been less memorable. But she ‘fluffled’ it, and having begged for another chance, Cowell gave her “20 seconds”. That make-or-break time limit was extended when Katie started singing.

As such, Katie ended up on stage and on camera longer than most. Why? Is it because she is in with the management at Sony BMG, where Simon Cowell also works?

The 24-year-old from from Harewood, Hertfordshire, who looks like Kelly Osbourne channelling Vanessa Feltz, is also known as Lola Fontaine, singer of a  jazz album and owner of a record deal in the US. But that’s not all.

You might know her as of Katie Vogel, star of a reality TV show, sponsored by Coca Cola and watchable online. Here’s the trailer:

Green Eyed World follows the life adventure of Katie Vogel, a talented girl with a green guitar, killer tunes and big dreams. Each week, the new episode is your backstage pass into the music business as Katie travels through different cities and countries in search of fun, freedom, fans and friends.

But that is not all.

Katie has a sympathetic backs story. When she was 10 her grandpa died. And she was bullied:

Back to my teenage years, i was bullied terribly at the same time as my family were going through a major crisis (Very long story for a rainy day!)

She’s also on nodding terms with Chaz Jankel, of Ian Duty and Blockheads repute. And she opened the bill at East 17’s comeback show at The Shepherds Bush Empire.

Oh, and at a party in LA she met “DAVID MASSEY VP OF SONY BMG!”. Yeah, that’s the same Sony that Simon Cowell works for.

I went to Dave Massey’s office a couple days later and spent the entire day there! We went through all my music, we jammed on the guitar, he introduced me to his team! And at the end of the day, he told me he wanted me to come back out and perform at a venue in NYC for him and Sony.

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