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Frozen Michael Jackson Being Fed By A Bent Spoon

spoon-fed-jacksonMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Jackson frozen, fed by a spoon, Sly Stone misses out and Jermaine Jackson’s Legacy book…

The Sun: “Frail, sick Jackson ‘was fed by spoon’”

That’s the chopstick theory blown out the water. Is Uri Geller involved – he has to be:

MICHAEL Jackson was so weak in his final days he needed to be SPOON-FED meals, his make-up artist has revealed.

It’s high time we heard from the make-up artist. Finally:

Karen Faye, 53, says the King of Pop was “disorientated and sickly” in his last week and claims the pressure of his up-coming London shows “killed” him.

Jackson was not well before he died? Who knew?

Karen told Jacko’s fans on Facebook that choreographer Kenny Ortega was feeding the singer.

She said: “He (Jacko) was 12-20 pound heavier in April than he was in June. Kenny was cutting his chicken and feeding it to him. This was one of my concerns. If he cannot feed himself, how could he be expected to do these shows?”

Hire another Michael Jackson – there are lots of them? Bring back Bubbles to feed him? Get some staff as befitting the King of Pop, a peer of the realm who should no more have to feed himself than a lowly Prince Charles should have to aim his own penis at the specimen bottle.

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