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Eco Pressure Group FFF Have Sex In Public And A Cathedral To Save Rainforests

TO Norway, where eco pressure group Fuck For Forests have been pretending to shag on a cathedral’s altar to publicise global deforestation (photo of of the three shaggers for fig leaves in the Oslo Domkirke). They will continue to shag in public places until you notice the “threatened nature“.

As the organisation given seed money by the Norwegian Government and brought you by the sounds of FFF and The Cumshots, says:

Sex is often shown to attract us to buy all kind of bullshit products and ideas, so why not for a good cause?…Saving the planet IS sexy! Why not get horny for a good cause? It makes it easier for you and me to stay positive in an already too suppressed world. Read our “War on error” and “love manifest” to know more about the FFF philosophy.

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Posted: 15th, June 2011 | In: Reviews | Comment