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Academics Say: Poor People On Fuel Lead To Road Deaths

How can roads be made safer? Well, you could do what they’ve done in London and charge a high fee for cars to enter the ‘nondom zone’ and make parking very expensive. Less cars. And more chance of being hit by an insured driver with an executive motor.  Win. Win.

In Australia, academics have picked up the idea:

More than 200 lives could be saved on Australian roads a year if fuel prices were increased to the same level as prices in Britain, a study by an Australian National University academic suggests.

Dr Paul Burke and his co-author, visiting Japanese academic Dr Shuhei Nishitateno, compared road deaths and petrol prices from 144 countries between 1991 and 2010.

They found that eliminating fuel subsidies around the world would mean 35,000 fewer deaths a year among drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians – 3 per cent of the global death toll.

Higher fuel prices meant fewer vehicles on the road, shorter distances travelled and lower-speed driving to save fuel. Lower prices also had a disproportionate effect on high-risk drivers – the young and old, who were especially sensitive to prices, according to the study.

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Idiot governments and renewable power: the subsidy strike prices shambles

OK, so, let’s say that all this concern about climate change is correct. It’s happening, we’re responsible and we’ve got to do something about it. OK, fine, so, what should we be doing?

Well, obviously, we should be trying to find methods of producing electricity that doesn’t involve carbon emissions. This isn’t particularly sophisticated logic after all.

There are also various types of low carbon electricity, some more expensive than others. We’d clearly like to have more of the cheaper stuff and less of the more expensive. So, how would we do this? All of them require a subsidy but how do we get more of the cheaper and less of the more expensive?

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‘Human fireball’ Diane Hill – who to blame?

DIANE Hill is the woman burnt whilst decanting petrol in her kitchen. The 46-year-old was cooking dinner at her home in York when she poured petrol into a glass jug to give to her daughter whose car was low on petrol.

Mrs Hill’s daughter Grace wrote online:

“I’m gonna be f***** if the petrol stations in York close cos I have zero money to top up & I’m already flashing.”

The Daily Express ups the ante:

Mrs Hill, 46 – trying to help her stricken teenage daughter whose car had run dry

Grace Hill was in her mum’s garden. Stricken?

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York woman sets herself alight filling petrol decanter – Dorset erupts

SHOCKING news of the fuel panic as we hear that a woman from York, England, has set herself alight while decanting petrol to another vessel in her kitchen. So precious is fuel that we inhabitants of knife-crime island ar keeping it decanters.

It’s mayhem out there, readers.

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The Carnivorous Lampshade Robot Turns Insects Into Fuel

OIL is running out. We need power. Insects are invading the country. The solution is the Carnivorous Lampshade Robot:

Material Beliefs have created a Carnivorous Lampshade Robot inspired by the pitcher plant, a carnivorous plant that attracts and consumes insects to survive. The insects fall into the plant and are unable to escape. In the same way, this spherical lampshade has multiple holes in its surface which are long funnels going deep into the lamp.

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Wind Turbines Promote Global Cooling

WITH global warming now at an end, the world is faced with global cooling and its many dangers.

In King’s Dyke, Whittlesey, two-feet long lumps of ice are cascading from the skies. The root of the plague is humanity’s use of fuels, chiefly an 80 metre high wind turbine, the nightmare machine.

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Boost Your Carbon Emissons With Green Flex Fuel

BRADFORD Plumer explains how the road to global warming is tarmaced with good intentions:

The story goes like this: Back in 1992, Congress passed a law requiring all federal agencies to buy alternative-fuel vehicles for 75 percent of their light-duty fleet. The catch was that, while the agencies had to buy the cars, they didn’t actually have to use the alternative fuel.

It gets better:

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