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Fukuppy is the Fukushima mascot and fridge magnet

MEET Fukuppy, the Japanese cartoon egg using his “strong sense of justice” to fight for Fukushima Industries and better fridge magnets. Founded by Mr Fukushima, the company does have an office in the Fukushima region, where failed nuclear reactors caused the world to tremble. there.



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Vegetables of Walmart: Fukushima radiation creates ‘mutant’ fruit and veg?


HAVE your vegetables been nucleated by fall-out from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster? We feared the nuclear rabbit. America, Oxford and Glasgow were smothered by a “nuclear plume“. Australia was washed by nuclear rain. Journalists appealed to readers to help end Armageddon. Tens of thousands ‘died‘. And then they only went and banned bananas. And now mutant vegetables are coming for us.

ABC reports:

Deformed Vegetables, Fruit Reportedly Pop Up Around Japan Nuclear Plant

Images of the bizarrely deformed flora – which range from tomatoes with tumor-like growths to monstrous cabbage and conjoined peaches – turned up on the website Imgur this week, with the title, “Effects from the Fukushima radiation disaster?”

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Japan to ban bananas

JAPAN is to ban bananas! This fuss over the radiation from the Japanese nuclear disaster is really getting just a touch out of hand. For they’ve just passed a law which seems to mean that bananas will be banned.

Under the new rules, the limit for general foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, rice, seafood and meat is 100 becquerels of radiation per kilogram, down from 500 prior to April 1. The limit for milk, baby food and infant formula is 50 becquerels per kilogram. For drinking water and tea leaves, it is 10 becquerels per kilogram.

Bananas are about 130 Bq a kilo you see. Meaning of course that we’re all now dead from the mashed nana we had for tea when toddlers.

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Fukushima – One year on and no-one died from nuclear power

ONE year on from Fukushima – read: Japan’s Media Apocalypse, no-one has died from radiation poisoning. The AP reports:

Tens of thousands of anti-nuclear protesters across the globe called for an end to nuclear power as they marked the first anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami at Japan’s Fukushima power plant.

In Japan, tens of thousands rallied near the crippled plant, demanding an end to nuclear power as the nation held memorial ceremonies for a disaster that claimed almost 20,000 lives.

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Fukushima: What Ever Happened To Armageddon?

REMEMBER the Japanese nuclear reactor crisis in Fukushima? Sure, poo soaked organic beansprouts killed more than Fukushima and BP Oil Spill. But the was panic. There was a nuclear rabbit. A huge nuclear plume was heading to Oxfordshire after wiping out the US and showering deadly nuclear rain on Australian.Your Filipino maid was advised to take pills. You should buy potassium iodide pills at reassuringly expensive prices.

Experts predicted 50,000 deaths. It would be bigger than Chernobyl. It was agreed that this was another Chernobyl. France rowed over an MP’s Parked Car.

Fox News warned that night clubs would explode. The West was doomedArmageddon was certain.

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Poo Soaked Organic Beansprouts Kill More Than Fukushima And BP Oil Spill

MORE people have died from poo-fed organic German vegetables than from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. At the time of writing, 33 people have died from poisoned veg.

News is that:

Vegetable sprouts grown on an organic farm in northwestern Germany caused the E. coli outbreak that’s sickened nearly 3,000 people and killed 29, according to the head of the nation’s national disease control center.

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The Nuclear Rabbit Of Fukushima (Video)

EVER hear tell fo the nuclear rabbit of Fukushima, Japan? They say it doen’t need carrots to see in teh dark, navigating instead by the lights of its paws and tail…

A nuclear rabbit has sparked online panic in Japan. Amateur footage shows an earless mutant rabbit, and the person who made the video claims it was shot just outside the exclusion zone near Japan’s crippled Fukushima plant. The clip has given rise to fears the radiation threat in the area is far worse than previously thought. The funny bunny has caused an online frenzy, with predictions that babies in Japan may soon be born with mutations.

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Fukushima: How The Media Learnt To Love Nuclear Power

THE media plutonium lovers are out in force as the Fukushima nuclear plant sizzles on – plainly an awful lot of people have skipped the brain-enriching spinach diet. The Sun’s Jeremy Clarkson would be happy to have a nuke built in his underpants (plenty of space available for it, then) while the Guardian columnist and secular goddess (in a personal capacity) Suzanne Moore dismisses concerns about the nuclear option by lamenting the number of deaths in mines.

To this point I would just say: one is local, the other potentially global, in its effects. We all know this. And I for one am not prepared to take that risk just so I can bung oven chips in the microwave.

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Fukushima Is Only Another Chernobyl For Lazy Journalists

TWO things have intervened in the media coverage of the Japanese nuclear plant crisis to make it misleading to the point of incomprehensible, writes Richard North.

The one is the frequent use of the Chernobyl disaster as a comparator, where there are absolutely no comparisons with the incident at Fukushima. The second is the childish refrain of “meltdown” by scientifically and technically illiterate journalists, who seem to be incapable of understanding what is happening, yet seem determined to spread their own incomprehension far and wide.

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