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Car spinners funeral’s peace disturbed by woman removing her knickers

car spinners

CAR spinning clubs from as far afield as Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Pretoria came to pay their respects t the funeral of Bongani Makhubo, 40, of Soshanguve, Tshwane, who died after a short illness.

After the funeral at Soshanguve Cemetery, the drivers had a wheel spinning competition, revving their engines and spinning their cars in circles, spectators cheered.

At some point a young woman took off her knickers and began dancing in the middle of the spinning cars.

A John Lelaka was unimpressed:

“People are allowed to celebrate but not in a way that disturbs other people’s peace.”

This is what car spinning looks like. It is not yet an Olympic sport:

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Guatemala funeral parlour wants your stiffs

funeral guatemala

IF you or a loved one dies in Guatemala, then Funeraria López is looking for stiffs:

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Chinese student stages her own funeral so she can enjoy it

funeral live

FUNERALS eh? Not exactly jolly affairs. Everyone blows snot bubbles while bereaving into their handkerchiefs and then they try and forget the misery with drink and anecdotes, before drunkenly crying some more, sat in solitude on the toilet.

And so, let us look at a student over in China who decided to stage her own funeral so that she can “enjoy it”.

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Coffin carriers break into a dance

THE funeral in Ghana is in full swing. The Casket Azonto Boys are for hire:

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Sports fans who go for a themed funeral – a film

HOW hardcore a sport nut are you? Errol Morris has a film about spors fans who take their fandom into the next world:

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Livestream of Whitney Houston’s star-studded Funeral irks fans

THE funeral of Whitney Houston will be streamed live on the internet for all to see. The basic premise is that people who wouldn’t normally get the chance to grieve at the funeral will be able to send their thoughts from afar. Quite simple really and an idea that is becoming more common.

However, some fans of late superstar are thoroughly unhappy that there will be a broadcast of the funeral, with some going as far as saying the whole thing is ‘vile’. The funeral will be taking place tomorrow (Feb 18th), and one fan tweeted about the ‘show’: “What is wrong with people? Why are they gonna broadcast Whitney Houston’s funeral on CNN? That should be private” while another added: “Who the hell would want to watch Whitney Houston’s funeral live on the internet? Vile and disgusting.”

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Huntington Woman’s Funeral Stopped Because Hole Too Small For Coffin

MAUREEN Shelton is being buried in Huntington. She was 62. She was larger than the hole that’s been dug for her coffin.

Mrs Shelton’s family are unhappy. They complain to the Huntingdon branch of Anglia Co-operative Funerals and Trading Standards

Mrs Shelton’s daughter, Katrina Shelton, 37, claims in the Hunts Post that things did not go according to plan:

* Her mother’s body remained at Hinchingbrooke Hospital for a week before taking her to the funeral home.
* A handle fell off the coffin
* Funeral music was played on a faulty CD player
* The hole was too small, causing the lid to loosen as the coffin was lowered

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Are The Stone Roses Going To Ruin Our Year By Reforming?

THE Stone Roses – a band who made one decent LP, followed it up with a collection of odds-and-sods, then bowed out with a sludgy blokerock LP that avowed contrarians defend to the hilt – may be reuniting to pay off some mortgages and generally remind everyone just how awful they were live.

Of course, it was roughly one year ago that this persistent rumour was last muttered about, and it probably has as much truth in it as it ever has.

However, there’s legions of slightly balding men in Adidas shell-toes and cod-mod parkas all desperate to see the return of a band they could never quite let go of.

With that, the Ben Sherman crew will be pink with glee and fizzing at the mouth with nostalgia at the reports that Ian Brown and John Squire have made friends after not speaking for around 15 years.

Apparently, the two muttered to each other about playing together again after meeting at bandmate Mani’s mum’s funeral. Nice to see two lads talking business while a corpse slowly goes cold before them.

It’s said that Ian broke the ice at the wake, as well as displaying one of the longest faces in rock ‘n’ roll. Before long they were hugging, back-slapping and reminiscing about the good times.”

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German Radio Station Offers Free Headstone To Best Epitaph Writer

GERMANY’S Radio Galaxy – Aschaffenburg No. 1 for pop – is offering you the chance to win 3,000 euros which must be spent on a headstone for your grave, death insurance or a funeral. All you need do is write your own epitaph. Easy!

Radio’s presenter Jens Pflueger supplied the marketing bollocks:

We wanted to raise awareness about this difficult topic among young people.”

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Funeral Home Saws Off Man’s Legs To Fit Coffin

IN Allendale, South Carolina, the local wooden tops are investigating if 6-foot, 5-inch James Hines had his legs removed to he could best fit inside his coffin.

Allendale County Coroner Hayzen Black says that a former worker at Cave Funeral Services alleges that Hines was too tall for his coffin was adapted to fit.

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Tombstone For Sale

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