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Couple break-up on jumbo screen ‘kiss cam’

Fresno Grizzlies cam

FANS at the Fresno Grizzlies baseball team got more than they bargained for when the kiss cam did the rounds at their stadium.

Normally, when the kiss cam zooms in on two people, they kiss and everyone whoops. It being America, they only look out for straight couples, but you have to give the USA a little leeway, what with it being 10 minutes old compared to the rest of the world.

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Posted: 10th, May 2013 | In: Sports | Comment

A man runs along the beach (video)

HOW was your Christmas break? Go anywhere hot. Keep fit? We did.

Old Mr Anorak, our patron, is currently wintering at his Thai ladies ping-pong winter training camp.

Posted: 20th, January 2012 | In: TV & Radio | Comment

Sky News Breaks Down Hysterically During Paper Review

ROLLING NEWS is a surreal thing to tackle at the best of times, but what happens when it breaks down into fits of hooting, gusset-dampening laughter?

Of course, it’s absolutely brilliant.

During the Sky News Paper Review, giggles abounded with Andrew Pierce, Kevin Maguire and Anna Botting during a story about George Osborne ALLEGEDLY taking cocaine with spanking prostitute Natalie Rowe.

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Posted: 13th, September 2011 | In: TV & Radio | Comments (11)

Troll Kid: The Best Thing To Emerge From Kim Kardashian’s Pointless Wedding

WE know that you don’t care a hoot about Kim Kardashian’s wedding to hoop bothering Kris Humphries. We know that you couldn’t care less about who made her dress, how much her ring cost and whether she had sodden tuna rolls at the reception buffet.

This is why we’re effectively ignoring it all in favour of showing you some cheeky kid who got on the news coverage of the wedding by pulling a variety of brilliantly puerile faces.

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Posted: 23rd, August 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Mental Joss Stone Men Appear In Court To Be Laughed At

STALKERS! We know you’re completely insane, but seriously, stalking and trying to kidnap Joss Stone? Really? That’s new levels of insanity… unless of course, you don’t love her at all and simply wanted to ensure that there would be no more Joss Stone records in the world.

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Posted: 15th, July 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment