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Funny Warning Signs: Presented By Richard Littlejohn

OUR gallery of health and safety warning sings is very amusing. It’s introduced by Richard Littlejohn, of the Daily Mail.

Richard Littlejohn: 21 September 2010:

For the past 15 years, this column has made a good living out of elf ‘n’ safety. Now, though, the Government is promising to put an end to the madness, scrapping the stupid rules and risk assessments, and derailing the spiv lawyers cashing in on thecom-pen-say-shun culture.

No one has told Lancaster City Council, which has banned revellers from watching the city’s annual fireworks display from Castle Hill, citing – you guessed – elf ‘n’ safety,

Even though it has taken place for the past 18 years without anyone getting hurt. Looks like there’s still some mileage in it for me yet.

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