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Gaddafi Unleashes Weapon Of Mass Destruction – Libya’s Tribalism

TODAY is officially the first day of Libya’s After Gaddafi independent existence.

A bright new future awaits.

Perhaps, maybe…they just might do it.

Unlikely. This is a huge and fractured desert tribal state with the only vestige of urban civilisation in the coastal cities.

Times is hard for your average jobbing war correspondent. Any militant with a charged up mobile phone can make an idiot of you in seconds.

Classic examples were spitting from the plasma screens last Thursday morning as a (probably) very shocked Libya National Transitional Council tried to keep the lid on the fact Muammar Gaddafi had been bumped off. Slaughtered by a rabble militia milling around a Sirte exit road drainage pipe and arguing among themselves whether Gaddafi and his also captured son lived or died.

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