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Bad loser shows slot machines what he thinks with an axe

Nure Bregu

YOU think you’re a bad loser? Think you’re ratty in the heatwave? You’ve got nothing on the man who decided to go nutso with an axe on a load of slot machines after he apparently lost 5,000 euros.

CCTV footage showed Nure Bregu walking into a bar in Fontaniva, Italy, complete with an axe, going postal on the machines before as customers legged it in terror.

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The idiocy of gambling on dumb luck

THE seductive idiocy of gambling on dumb luck: Chris Dillow reviews:

Jordi Brandts and colleagues got a group of [fourth-year finance] students to predict a sequence of five coin tosses, and then selected the best and the worst predictor. They then asked other subjects to bet on whether the best and worst predictor could predict another five coin tosses. The subjects were told that they would bet on the worst predictor from the first round, unless they paid to switch to the best predictor.

82% of subjects paid to make the switch.

But of course, there is no such thing as an ability to predict the toss of a coin. Most subjects, then, saw skill where there was only luck. And, what’s more, they were willing to spend good money to back this daft opinion.

Wonder what the experts say..?

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Accrington and Bury players charged with betting on their own football game

THE Beeb has achy breaky news on a new gambling scandal set to detract attention away from the Premier League’s big four clubs – which can’t be a bad thing.

Five players, four from Accrington Stanley and one from Bury, have been charged by the FA with breaching betting rules. The Beeb reports:

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